How to Prep for a Booking

When you’ve secured a booking for a modelling assignment, it’s time to think about getting preparations underway. Getting yourself assignment-ready is important because you’ll want to be organised and have everything under control. Flustered moments, losing your way to the location or leaving something at home are things you’ll want to be avoiding! Sometimes things don’t follow your plan, that’s life, but whatever you can do which is in your control, is the best approach. So go ahead and read our Models Direct’s little helpful guide on helping you boss your assignment day so that you can enjoy the experience rather than worrying about being underprepared. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy!

Pack a rucksack

When you’re on the go, a backpack is really handy. You’ve got ample space, plenty of compartments, and your hands free with weight evenly distributed against your back. So, it makes sense to pack a rucksack with essential items you’ll need when you’re away from home on a modelling expedition. Things to include are your charge, makeup, hair care items, compact mirror, deodorant, wipes, electrolytes, water, pen, notebook, extra clothing, and your wallet! You can have a bag on standby so you’re always ready.

Check your wardrobe list

Your brief will have the exact wardrobe spec you’ll need to be adorned in for the job so make sure you stick to what’s been requested. Don’t be tempted to try and impress as this may backfire and cause conflict right from the start. Stick to the brief, nothing more and nothing less. 

What’s the theme for hair and makeup?

Again, your brief will specify how your hair and makeup need to be styled for the assignment. Stick to the appeal.

Keep it non-branded

So that product placement isn’t on the agenda, keep clothing strictly non-branded. Clients don’t want anything advertised other than their product or service, so a Gucci handbag or Fitbit will more than likely not cut it in the photoshoot.

Avoid alcohol

Keep your body and mind clear of alcoholic beverages on the day of your assignment and avoid having too many a couple of days before work. You’ll want to be entering the set being fully alert and in control of how you’ll compose yourself in front of the crew and camera.

Get a good night’s sleep

A well-rested sleep will help you wake up with a spring in your step. You’ll have the energy to take the day on no matter the challenges! Be sure to have your phone charged up before drifting off into the land of nod – devices cleared away and lights off! 

If you have any burning questions about the booking, be sure to contact the Models Direct team, so that one of our dedicated agents can fill you in and answer your queries. Most of all, enjoy the experience of getting ready for a booking!

Good luck from all of us at Team MD.