How to prepare for a modelling assignment

One of our booking agents are calling to tell you all about an exciting assignment our client wants to cast you in….Lucky you and a big congrats from us!

Your mind is ticking fast and you’re now thinking about how to prepare for it like a pro! But first, you have to accept! We schedule another call to give you time to think it over and once the wait is over where we fulfil our promised communication, you accept our invitation to work with us – yay! 

We’re thrilled as much as you are. You’re in safe hands because our modelling agency walks you through preparing for your assignment every time an opportunity crops up without fail.

Now, if you’re contemplating on choosing this career path – you’re unsure for whatever reason – you still might be wondering how our models prepare for assignments. Well, guess what? We’d thought we’d help share some of the important info we exchange with our very own models when they hit up an assignment (because we’re nice like that!). More importantly, we know that the unknown can be a bit nerve-racking so we’d like to remove any anxieties or pre-modelling jitters you might be experiencing. Let’s get cracking!

Understanding the brief

When we call to inform you that you’ve been selected, we talk about the brief in detail. We cover who the client is, what their marketing entails and what they expect from you. Sounds simple but there’s a lot of detailed information within these parameters. But not to fret, we include all of this info in an email so that you can revisit it whenever need be.

Reviewing the schedule

You’ll be provided with the schedule of the day (or days, depending on the length of the project). What time you need to be where the client has requested has to be the most important part you need to make provisions for. It’s no use turning up late, or on another day, unfortunately, unless there’s a valid reason of course. So, to prepare, models need to know their journey plan to a tee and ensure they are on time!

Clothing, hair and makeup

We’ll go over what the client wishes for you to wear – colour schemes in particular. When it comes to hair and makeup, it usually tends to be natural and neutral but again, depending on the client’s request, we will fill you in ahead of time.

Assignment preps

Here’s a handy checklist to work through:

· Sleep well

· Eat clean and healthy foods

· Exercise to feel energised, strong and confident

Closer to the time you can:

· Organise your bag (include a compact mirror, makeup, brush, moisturiser, facial wipes, money and snacks).

· Know your route and travel timings

· Have your outfit ready

· Charge your phone

· Pack charger or power bank

Make yourself memorable

You want to wow the client you’re modelling for so that they remember you, your baby, your child, your teen, your family, your body part (if you’re a hand, ear, foot, leg model) or your pet!!! (Models Direct cover a plethora of modelling divisions so there are more categories to unlock!) So be well prepared when it comes to timing, travel, transportation mode, dress code, hair and makeup. And there you have it! But remember, if there’s ever anything ambiguous or oozing uncertainty, our agents are always a call or email away!