Simple exercises that really pay off

Are you one of the millions of people who pay a gym membership in January in a bid to sweat off the all too-familiar Christmas excesses? If you are, we say fair enough. It’s commendable, and it can go a long way to improve fitness and increase esteem.

We’ve been telling our models that preparation really pays dividends in the long run. Putting in the research and asking questions prior to a modelling shot can really help models when working with our clients.

Therefore, why wait until after Christmas to shed the pounds brought on by a few days of gluttony? You’ll only be vying for the best time slots at the gym with the eager hoards. Whilst heading to the gym is a routine pastime for many (especially for our fitness models), a little bit of hard work before the festive season keeps the pressure off fitting in a “panic regime” of exercise in the New Year.

When’s the best time to start exercising? Almost any time. Why not? Why wait to get fitter? Exercise is enjoyed by anyone willing to improve their physical health – as well as their state of mind.  Exercise releases endorphins (hormones that increases feelings of wellbeing) and reduces stress hormones, so it’s a perfect tonic to feeling good mentally as well as reducing levels of fat. It’s a win-win pastime that gets easier with every time it’s accomplished. What’s not to like about it?

Luckily for our readers, Models Direct has five perfect (and simple) exercises that anyone can do, even in the kitchen. Keep going to the gym by all means, but these exercises will provide an effective booster for your abs, pecs and quads.

1. Fancy a brew? Put the kettle on, then. And whilst you’re at it, complete a set of 30 press-ups on the kitchen worktop.  Do this every time you have a cuppa and in no time you’ll feel the effects of your pectoral worktop workout.

2. Everyone likes watching TV, so next time you catch up on your favourite shows, do 50 press-ups. If this seems daunting, do half of them, rest for a while, and complete the half century. Watching TV serves as a great distraction and you’ll find your ab workout isn’t that too hard when staring at a screen. A fortnight later and you’ll see the results. When you do, keep going.

3.  Planks are fantastic to add definition to your midriff without doing anything. Well, they’re hard work, but you don’t need to move at all. Get down on your elbows and make sure they are shoulder-width apart. Keep your legs and back straight, breathe regularly, and count to 25. After the first week, count to 35, then aim to increase the planking time with each week. Super!

4. If you’re a weight fiend, you may be frustrated that you can’t take them everywhere. That’s where resistance bands are particularly handy to keep up-to-date with pumping your biceps. They’re also useful for early morning stretches.

5. And finally, the humble jog is perfect for a cardio workout. Before breakfast, jog on the spot or run down your street for a brisk 10 minutes.

Models of all shapes and sizes should enjoy exercises regularly, and safely. Pick a couple of these and see how you get on. You might even skip the gym come January.