Trendy Tot’s this Winter

We are usually looking out for this season’s latest fashion trends so in this reading we thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at what’s trending in the children’s winter aisles of our high streets. 

As the chilly weather fast approaches, you’re probably rummaging through your children’s wardrobes hoping that their warmer clothes and accessories pop out ready to wrap them up for school, child modelling projects or out of school activities.  

If you can’t find anything, Models Direct are here to help. We discover the latest lineup of winter wear inspirations for children that’s practical by keeping them warm and looking stylish for the season ahead. Let’s take a look at how parents can refresh their children’s wardrobes for any winter occasion.

Boot it up with funky footwear

If you’re looking for some seriously strong footwear that will last through the blustery, wet weather ahead (whilst looking on-point for any occasion, of course), then boots are the must-have staple item for this winter period. Whether they are warm-lined (which is superly handy on the practical side of things), Chelsea style, lace-ups, touch strap, fastening, work style or brogues, there’s a whole bunch of different styles to choose from in darker tones perfect according to what the weather will dictate. A perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe and very much on-trend!

Cute and cosy checks 

This classic check print is something we have seen emerging again in the fashion sphere for this year, and the childrenswear sector is picking it up and sporting it throughout each clothing category. Models Direct have seen this iconic pattern on childrens’ jumpers, dresses, chino trousers, long sleeve shirts, comfy all-in-ones, and even fusing tartan details. This stylish pattern will be perfect if your child is heading out for an assignment or casting. Keep your eyes peeled for this major trendsetter and grab your child an item that they can enjoy and look fashionable in. 

Monochrome and animal prints

You can’t go wrong with these two patterns and when combined, which we have seen amongst the popular high street fashion retailers, even better! Monochrome is an uncomplicated look and works better when paired with denim or plain but bold colours to enhance its simplicity. Animal prints have been around for a consecutive number of years and with children’s clothing, they make statement pieces more playful and fun. We have seen hoodies, tops, oversized shirts, collar dresses, pyjamas and even girls’ kilts adorned with these two gorgeous patterns. Take some snaps of your little one with these prints to build their modelling portfolio if they’re an existing model or new to the scene. 

Child modelling with Models Direct

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