Social following – tell us about it!

One of the benefits of social media is that you can convey the same message to thousands of people with a simple upload and a click.

A quick glimpse of social media will reveal that almost everyone who knows you will have uploaded a photo, link or message that is…how shall we put it…irrelevant. Think of a family member or friend that may have posted a photo of their latest meal at a restaurant, or a photo of a film they’re just about to watch. OK, so it may tickle the interests of a select few, but ultimately those types of posts don’t actually serve a purpose…unless it’s to alleviate boredom, however temporary.

Models should use social media in exactly the opposite way – for a purpose! Any form of social media is a great way to advertise your talents – including photos, work experience and feedback.

But here’s the crux – when you sign up with us and are on our books as a Models Direct model, we need to know about all of your social media followings. It’s your chance to inform us (brag, even!) that you have a solid social following, as this can only work in your favour. In particular, if you have an online following of, say, 10,000 plus, it’s absolutely vital that you tell us, you suddenly become much more influential to brands and therefore valuable. Don’t be shy: tell us that you have a powerful presence on all social platforms!

Our models should input their social following on their e-Portfolios. It might be something that some models neglect, as often they focus on submitting their contact details and a couple of clear photos. Fine, but you’re really missing out if you don’t give us the full picture of your social media influence.

Instagram, especially, is a wonderful tool to upload any new looks or poses that could serve you well in upcoming modelling assignments. There’s nothing stopping clients looking up potential talent on Instagram and, because it’s the clients who ultimately choose their models, Instagram is really an extension of your portfolio. Why wouldn’t you let an agency know about your wonderful photos on this most important of social platforms?!

Speaking of which, our booking team is keen to know all our model’s Instagram names. Therefore, please submit your “Insta handle” on your e-Portfolio, as we’d like to connect with you. A lot can be discovered when looking at models on Instagram: their personalities, interests, hobbies, tastes, lifestyle choices etc. It all adds to your overall model persona, and it can help in your modelling career. And even if you think it won’t, then you might be left behind in the social stakes by those who regularly keep their social accounts updated with photos and other important information. The bottom line is: if you have a strong social following, there are people out there who are taking interest…and we should be one of them, too!

Models often have more superior photos on Instagram and other platforms. This is another reason why you need to tell us about your social activity, “Insta Handle” and number of followers. We can then eagerly see what our models have been up to on their shoots, and use them to gain even more exposure.

Models – don’t be modest about your social following. Tell us! Now is not the time to be reserved…yell it from the rooftops, as it’ll only help in your modelling career!