The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas

One of our favourite times of the year is around the corner again – Christmas! It can be quite stressful when it comes to buying gifts though. If you have always played it safe with chocolates, flowers, and gift sets, we don’t blame you. However, if you want to become the ultimate gift-giver this festive season, then read Models Direct’s unique ideas that can wow your friends, family, children and parents.

We’ve scoured and researched for the best ideas to spread joy and goodwill with these funky gifts that won’t break the bank either. Let’s get cracking!


Instead of board games, jigsaws are another great gift idea you can hand to your bestie, beau, parent or anyone you want to gift for that matter. They’re jigsaws suitable for all ages above two years too so unlimited choices – sizes, genres and styles.

If you know your recipient likes a challenge, then you can gift them with a complicated jigsaw with intricate pieces or a Wasgij where you have to use your imagination to build the picture based on the snapshot that is given to you – luckily, you’re given a clue to help. You can even buy 3D puzzles building famous monuments, renowned stadiums, and other interesting objects.    

Jigsaws are great for passing time, improving problem-solving skills and encouraging determination to complete a challenge.

Glasses stand 

If you’re gifting someone who wears glasses, or even sunglasses for that matter, buying a glasses stand would be a perfect collection for their desk or bedside table. Quirky and practical, your gift receiver will be able to keep their glasses safe and perched on a funky stand making it a great Christmas prezzie.


You might not wear socks all year round but at Christmas, you most likely will be and so will the person you’re gifting a pair to. Gifts are even more awesome when they can be used well. What’s not to love about socks? Funk your recipient’s feet up with colourful patterns and designs. Get your stockings out and fill ‘em up with your cosy and practical gift we’re sure they’ll adore.

Personalised gifts 

Nothing beats getting something that has your friend’s or relative’s name on it and personalising it just for them. The ideas are vast and wonderful – from pillows and mugs to bookends and chocolate boxes such as Quality Street and Celebrations.

Pet Gifts

If you’re buying for an animal, a fabulous feline, canine buddy or any other species for that matter, you can buy them a personalised food bowl, toy, litter tray or an essential luxury gift box. Pets shouldn’t miss out on the festivities this time brings and there’s a lot of amazing gifts out there to choose from which they deserve and will truly love.

If you’re searching for dazzling and sensational gifts to wow your Christmas buddy with, then choose one of Models Direct ideas. We’d love to hear what your recipient’s reaction is so keep us posted!

We know it’s a touch early but we wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to come!