Celebrities Who’ve Launched Their Own Makeup Collection

Celebrities are often seen as trendsetters when it comes to fashion and beauty. We enjoy following them on social media, seeing what they get up and what they have to say. We’re curious about their lives and how they live – from what they wear and how they look are particular areas of interest for most of us. 

Celebs have a knack for entering different industries to promote themselves and getting more heads turning. Models Direct take a look at those who grace our screens, bring music to our ears or strut the catwalks, and how they have tapped into the cosmetic industry by launching their own signatory makeup collection. Let’s begin!

Selena Gomez is the latest celebrity who is to release her own cosmetics line called Rare Beauty this summer 2020. Her range is named after her 2020 album which aims to bring out the pop goddess in all of us. 

Jennifer Lopez is a timeless beauty and is getting better with age. She released her own makeup collection two years back in 2018 with INGLOT Cosmetics – they’re a big hit with their innovative O2M Breathable Nail Enamels. J.Lo will make you glow. Now the next question is: when’s she releasing a skincare range to help us all have the amazing skin she has? Only time will tell…

Chrissy Teigen, model, presenter, author (and married to John Legend too, of course), showed us how to get her great looking skin with her makeup line. She partnered with Becca Cosmetics in 2018 to release her collection of lip glosses, eyeshadows, highlighters, and much more.

Lady Gaga’s brand was launched in July 2019 and aimed at being an ethical beauty brand – vegan and cruelty-free. The brand’s first Instagram post read: “Together, we are building a supportive, empowering, inclusive community grounded in kindness, bravery, and creativity. All are welcome in OUR HAUS.” It just makes you want to buy everything and try it all out. 

Millie Bobby Brown, star of Netflix’s Stranger Things, announced that she was launching a beauty brand called Florence by Mills last year. She was only 15 when her clean beauty brand was launched which also includes skincare alongside makeup – impressive! 

Other special mentions are: 

Camila Cabello, who’s teamed up with L’Oréal with her line named after her hit Havana back in July 2018. 

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty which I have personally used myself and is amazing! Her line promised inclusivity for all skin tones and boy does it deliver! She partnered with Sephora to sell her products and they sold out on the week of its release.

Kylie Jenner, no doubt, cannot be missed out on our list. Kylie Cosmetics is a successful business starting out 5 years back was estimated to be worth a whopping $800 million in July 2018! Wow!

Kim Kardashian joined in too with the launch of her line KKW Beauty two years later, in 2017. Her range covers everything you need for makeup so you know you’re sorted. 

Jessica Alba founded her honest range, Honest Company, which produces all sorts of household and baby products, in 2011. She added the Honest Beauty cosmetics line, which includes everything from lipsticks and skincare products. 

Katy Perry teamed up with CoverGirl in 2016 to release her affordable collection to be sold at drugstores. The line includes her Katy Kat Matte lipsticks, which comes in an array of great hues. 

Makeup roundup 

There a lots of celebs we’ve mentioned but equally missed out so if you’d like to share who your favourite makeup line belongs to, share and leave your comments below! 

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