Family Christmas photos – a great opportunity

Picture a typical Christmas scene, if you will…

You might imagine snow-capped rooftops, with festive lights dangling from trees. Maybe you have in your mind happy, glowing children making snow angels. How about a turkey dinner with crackers at the ready? Or maybe grand-dad is slumped in his favourite seat by the fire, an empty bottle of port the cause for his contented stupor?

Whatever scene springs to mind, the Christmas period is arguably the no.1 opportunity for families to gather, often having not seen each other for months. Cue the swapping of presents, partaking in one too many mince pies and arguments over the TV remote control.

But models should have an ulterior motive that can be utilised to great effect. Charge up your iPhones and uncover your digital cameras, because Christmas is the perfect time to find the ideal family Christmas photo.

One of the advantages of taking a few snaps at Christmas time is that everyone should be in the mood to give you what you want – that is, wonderful family pictures to be treasured and remembered…or to be submitted to us in a bid to turn your family into one of our next modelling superstar families.  

Maybe it’ll be a wise idea to keep your motive concealed when taking photos over Christmas. Not that you enjoy being sneaky, but your family might feel pressured and react differently on camera if they know you’ll be sending in a few photos to a top modelling agency. Once you have taken the desired images, you can select the ones you feel would appeal to our booking team, and then reveal to your family that they’d make a fantastic modelling family. Assuming they agree (again, the port might be an influence!), they could be presented to our esteemed clients on the lookout for families all around the country. And if chosen, your family’s first assignment could be the best post-Christmas present ever!

Some of your photos could be those of individuals, but it helps us greatly if the entire group is looking at the camera, enjoying the day and giving us good vibes at how you all get along and enjoy being in each other’s company. This is where an “unsuspecting” photo could pay dividends, capturing your family members in a natural pose. However, if you feel confident enough telling your relatives that the photos are to be sent in to Models Direct, go for it! All we ask is that the photos are in focus, are clear, in portrait with as clear a background as your festive celebrations will allow.

Have a look at the reviews in the link below to realise how enjoyable family modelling can be:

It’s very much a team effort, and experience is – as always – unnecessary. All it takes is for someone to take the first step by sending us the all-important photos in your family application. Let’s hope the pictures are “crackers”, and that you’ll soon be toasting your family’s fortunes.

What better way to enjoy the new year with some top notch family modelling assignments?