Don’t simply believe what we tell you – it’s all right there in our reviews!

At Models Direct, we live and breath our work.

Serious woman using her laptop and making notes in notepad while sitting at table and working online from home

This is something we have been doing for more than 30 years now so finding the right model  –  or models  – for each assignment is in our DNA.

Our organisation, systems and processes have evolved over time to ensure we remain up to the moment, agile and able to cope with the very diverse requests that come to us.

Our long list of well-known clients also know how reliable we are – that is why they approach us time and time again.

And why they give us such great feedback.

The models who have taken on all sorts of exciting bookings through us are also very happy to tell us about their experiences.

They tell us what they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about the assignments and they also report back on how they think we at Models Direct did in offering them our support.

Feedback from male models, female models and family modelling groups who have worked with us can all be read in the reviews section of our website.

You can also peruse the feedback we receive from the parents of baby and child models, as well as pet owners here too.

We are extremely proud of the great feedback we receive from our models and clients.

In everything we do, we always strive to improve and we always take on board any comments suggesting there is room for change.

Anyone who has already signed up with us and is waiting for work or who is considering becoming a model with us, should spend some significant time reading these reviews.

After all, it’s easy for us to say how professional we are, so why not find out what those who work with us also think?

In the meantime, here is just a flavour of what some of our models have said after their assignments:


“An amazing first day experience, everyone was welcoming and easy to get along with including the models themselves.

“I had an incredible time and I can’t wait to do another shoot. Thanks Models Direct.”


“I had a great experience working in Bournemouth.

“The super-fun team made the day easy and enjoyable as we worked through still and moving shoots.”


“I had my first photo shoot in Bath for Models Direct.

“From the minute I accepted the job, Gemma from the agency was incredibly helpful and contacted me several times before, on the day, and after the event, which was very reassuring.

“The actual photo shoot was so much fun, I really think the other five models and myself got on well which made the experience even better.”


“From start to finish I have had an amazing experience with Models Direct.

“There was a great group of models, friendly staff and an overall chilled experience!

“Anna has been so helpful setting my account and portfolio up, and Gemma has been a star organising everything for the modelling day!

“I really felt part of a team and at ease with the whole process.

“Hopefully now it will be on to many more modelling endeavours!”