What Being on Set Feels Like

Being transported into the world of lights, cameras, and action isn’t something you need to dream about if you’re looking to shine as a model with Models Direct. We appreciate that you’ve landed on this page and we won’t disappoint by offering you information to help you make well-informed decisions! So, you must have typed in something similar to the title of this blog and this page popped up, right? Okay, maybe you’ve subscribed to our mailing list and when you opened our email and scrolled through the titles, and this one caught your eye. No? Maybe you were reading our blogs and this one greeted you with a warm welcome. Whichever of these options happened to help you get here, we’re glad you’re here, and we’ll answer how being on set really feels like through our models’ eyes. So without further ado, let’s go!

When a model is called for a photoshoot or film work, they’ll be guaranteed a space for this to materialise into print and/or digital. Whether this is an outdoor or indoor location, there’ll be lights, cameras, and perhaps filming equipment alongside a crew such as a director, a production team, a sound team, and makeup and wardrobe artists. You might not get all this package but definitely expect to see skilled people with a goal!

Every assignment’s location is set up differently. We’ve had warehouses through to aeroplanes being the place for camera and film work so the possibilities are endless. Some more examples include studios, homes, parks, leisure centres, rooftops, beaches, mountains, cafes, and libraries. Locations can be unpredictable but a lot of fun to gain extra skills on set.

So back to our question, how does it feel to be on set?

Some words pop to mind: nervousness, excitement, anticipation, determination, hope and doubt. This is what our agency thinks but who better to ask than our Models Direct talent who have travelled through sets on various assignments with different brands and companies? We’ve got great testimonials lined up for you to read here to gain more insight:

Like what you’ve read? Do you want your career to be an adventure and be on different types of sets? Well, with modelling you can! It might not offer a full-time schedule but you can enjoy the flexibility it offers, enjoying life, manoeuvring around your other commitments and relishing in a wondrously unpredictable profession. You can strike the right balance between your work and personal life, taking on modelling assignments or giving them a miss until another opportunity arises that suits you better.

The possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead with Models Direct are limitless, apply now as a model with us!