What are your modelling goals for 2022?

Everyone should have goals…

No matter if they might seem inconsequential. The point is that goals are something to work towards and, hopefully, achieve. They’re a bit like “hitting targets” in the workplace, but they are often more personal. Even realising small objectives can have huge beneficial effects – a boost in confidence or a feeling of success. And, perhaps more so in the modelling industry, goals for models can come in various guises. What are your modelling goals for 2022?

If you haven’t thought about what will inspire you to set your goals for the New Year, now would be the perfect time. After all, if you leave it too late to lay down a few objectives, you could find yourself scrambling in despair to set the goals you promised and…look!…it’s nearly the summer! Prepare, be realistic, and try your best to fulfil everything you’ve set for yourself. Above all else, be positive. You…Can…Do…It!    

Modelling is a wonderful industry in which to be involved (yeah, as if you didn’t know that already!). There are so many exciting factors that make modelling both a fun yet important project – whether full or -part-time, or even as a one-off assignment. Yet it’s the independence of choosing your own assignments that appeals to many models. This freedom alone should be a major benefit if one of your goals is to be involved in more modelling assignments.

Specifically, a lot of models across the UK might have some of the following goals for a more fruitful 2022:

Changing your look – Have you been putting off a long overdue tattoo? Maybe you want to stand out from the rest of the pack with a unique look. Fed up with the same hairstyle you’ve had since 2006? These may not be goals that require hard work and a lot of sweat, but if it makes you feel better and could gain more modelling work, why not assess them as very achievable goals for the new year?

Losing weight – Though we extensively promote plus size models, some models might simply want to shed a few pounds (you’ll be in good company – see our New Year’s Resolution blog). If that’s you, what’s the obstacle? Realising this particular goal will see you reap all the benefits of a slimmer, more toned physique.

Travel more – Perhaps your modelling goals include more expansive travel. This we can help you with, as we never put forward models on the sole basis of their geographical location. We understand that the best models for the jobs will often be based a few hour’s from the job site. If travel floats your boat, modelling is your passport to more jobs farther afield. 

Pets – As you’ll know, our clients are always looking for outstanding pets to meet their advertising criteria. Maybe your pet is your inspiration for 2022 – we love pets just as much you do, as do our clients!

Not caring about age – Age is just a number, right? We have regular openings for models right up to the age of about 75, so if you’re an experienced campaigner in life, why not realise your modelling goals and become one of our mature models?  

On a broader level, expand your modelling goals and ask yourself which areas of the industry you are interested in. We have opportunities for sports models, male models, plus size models, body part models (feet, hands, hair etc) – in fact, a more specific genre of modelling could just be right up your street. As per previous years, 2022 will have no limitations!

We’ve highlighted numerous times that our booking team puts forward the right models to our clients, but models need to put in a little leg work themselves to increase their chances of modelling success. So, how will you improve your chances in 2022? Perhaps not giving up at the first hurdle? Conducting more research? Changing your look? The modelling industry is awash with real opportunities for real people, so there’s absolutely no reason why anyone couldn’t be one of our next superstars.

If you add determination, happiness, self-contentment and hard work to a list of 2022 goals, our next model could well be YOU!