Find out how modelling experience can boost your career

“What experience do you have?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in job interviews (although a thorough read of one’s CV will usually provide the answer!). Whatever the job position might be, it’s an important question, and prospective employees should regard it as such. In modelling circles, it’s as significant a question as any.

Here at Models Direct, we like to know about our model’s talents before putting them forward for assignments. Having experience certainly is a terrific bonus, but there are many models who can succeed without any prior modelling experience. Any experience is beneficial in so many ways – be it to specific modelling work, to a model’s social life, or even to mental wellbeing. An active life can easily equate to an active mind, so it’s an advantage for models to participate in activities that stimulate the mind and body, and which would serve as “plus points” on their modelling CV.

Gaining experience through modelling work is the obvious example, but “think outside the box” and it soon becomes apparent there are several other ways by which an inexperienced model can gain valuable skills. Before we take a look at some of them, the key point for aspiring models looking for experience is to get involved with anything that increases confidence.

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So, what are some ways models can gain valuable experience? Take a look at our list, and see if you can take part in one, some, or all of them.

1. Working at an event. It could be paid work or volunteering – either way, there will be plenty of events near you that would welcome an enthusiastic, friendly, hard-working person such as yourself. Don’t be shy, and get involved. Event working provides excellent experience, and could open a lot of doors, especially as a promotional model.

2. Drama work. Amateur dramatics is a fun way to perform in front of audiences, giving you more self-belief that can only help in your modelling career. Anything involving directors and performing alongside other actors is a huge advantage, not to mention the chance to sing! Dramatics can also provide would-be models the chance to appear on TV and on film as extras.

3. Business promotion. From small scale promotions (e.g. handing out leaflets or flyers) to larger operations (e.g. promotional work at sports stadiums), these are good ways to interact with potential customers.  

4. Free photo shoots. Though Models Direct doesn’t require professional photos with an application, some photographers will provide free photos of models simply in return for the model’s time. This could be a viable option for some models to gain experience in front of a camera and to take directions from a professional.

5. Be open-minded. There’ll be lots of opportunities for models to display their talent – and it just might take a little bit of research to find them! Check social media sites regularly, join modelling Facebook groups, contact local retailers and ask if they’d be happy to use your talents in any way (free of charge, too!).

The quote “Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow” is one all potential models should remember. There are several starting points for models other than modelling work, and we’re always available to help our registered talent.

Be open-minded, be committed, have fun, and good luck!