​​Beat the Christmas Bulge – Top Tips for Getting Fit Again

For many of us, the festive season is an opportunity to enjoy special food and drink – and this year has certainly been no exception.

Fitness models in particular may well wish to shape up a little – and others who have considered trying out this form of modelling may also wish to start moving more.

So, here are our top tips:

1. Set yourself achievable goals

It is no good saying you will get up every morning and go for a 5km run or that you will go to the gym every single day after work – you will soon become too exhausted and too busy to do it, and you may well also become bored very quickly. Start with small, achievable goals that you can build on. Do schedule your exercise sessions into your diary but don’t overstretch yourself – three or four times a week is plenty. And keep it varied.

2. Think exercise

Walk or cycle whenever you possibly can. Building exercise into the natural flow of your day is one of the very best ways of beating the bulge and barely realising it. Try walking to work if you can or at least to the shops or when you visit friends and family. Take the stairs rather than the lift and put a bit of effort and speed into all the jobs you do at home – cleaning, gardening and DIY – the more you move, the fitter you will be.

3. Join a gym

Joining a gym can be a good option for some people but do work out how many times a week you need to go to keep it financially worthwhile, then write the times you intend to attend in your diary to help you stick to them. Try to choose a gym with a good range of equipment and classes you can attend to keep it different and interesting. Ideally, you would sign up with one that offers a certain number of personal training sessions within the membership. That way you can stay focused and on track.

4. Sign up for classes

This is one of the best ways of ensuring you exercise regularly as classes will almost always take place at the same time every week. These can be in person or online. If it is safe, joining face-to-face sessions has many benefits beyond just the fitness. They give you the chance to get out of the house and socialise too. Try to sign up for a couple a week and attempt to make them very different. You can then supplement these with other forms of exercise once or twice a week too.

5. Go for high intensity

If your daily routine is incredibly busy then think about working high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your day. This can take as little as 20 minutes and can be a very effective way of getting a good boost of exercise. Sometimes it is easiest to do this first thing in the morning before you shower and then either head into work or begin your day another way. This can supplement other forms of exercise or can be the mainstay of your activity and you can build around it in other ways.

6. Combine exercising with socialising

Why not consider joining a gym or signing up for classes with a friend? You can then encourage each other – and it will be fun too. Otherwise, go for a walk or a cycle ride with a friend every weekend or on a certain day before or after work. Socialising while exercising can also be great for your mental health.

7. Reward yourself

Give yourself a big pat on the back as you see yourself start to become fitter – and that Christmas bulge starts to disappear! Pop £10 into a pot for every pound you shake off that gets you closer to your healthy weight. Then buy yourself that special something or take a friend or loved one out for a meal. Treat yourself at home too – have a long hot bubble bath after a particularly good session; enjoy a pyjama day on a Sunday after exercising on a Saturday and remind yourself regularly just how far you have come.

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