Models of Diversity

We see models pretty much every day.

Sometimes we don’t see them as models, but more as craftily blended segments of an advert. Some models appear in the background, whilst others are the focus of attention; they are in-your-face for a purpose. Whatever is the intention of the production company, models are an integral part of any successful commercial campaign.

Models of diversity should not be classified as any different from other models, whether they are young or old, male or female, any of the LGBTIQA+ taxonomy or from any ethnic background. The very fact we’ve highlighted that statement goes some way to point out that some people still differentiate between “traditional” models and models of diversity. More people did so in the 20th century, when diversity wasn’t as inclusive as it should have been. Now, moving on a couple of decades, diversity is much more fully embraced – as it should be.

Because models of diversity are not seen by some manufacturers, brands and high fashion agents (and, yes, by some of the public) as conventional models, they didn’t appear in the spotlight until a few years ago. Diversity still existed, of course, but not to the extent it does today.

Times have changed. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of diversity models over a range of modelling assignments, from leisure products to government agencies.

The reason can be defined by one word: equality. No one should be hired for any job without the necessary requirements, and models of diversity have the complete set of qualities that make them ideal candidates for all sorts of jobs.

No clients exclude models on prejudice. On the contrary, a modern and all-inclusive society demands that every modelling look should be seen. And models of diversity have eye-catching, thought-provoking looks that make campaigns powerfully successful.

What do we mean by “models of diversity”? They are talented individuals who represent a more accurate society. Gone are the days of zero sizes; we now see plenty of models with a fuller figure enjoy regular assignments in all corners of the country. Less mobile models have been rocking the commercial modelling industry for years, with brands keen to emphasise their attributes in front of the camera.

It’s important to give everyone a chance to shine. All models need self-belief and to assert their professionalism on set. They all have an inner beauty and unique features that our clients can use to their advantage. Just because an individual looks different to the majority of the population doesn’t mean there aren’t any opportunities for them. There are numerous styles of perfect models, and we love to see them all.

If you’re someone with the aspirations of joining our array of diverse models, the first step to commercial modelling success is joining us. We’ll put you forward to our clients whenever a suitable job arises, and then our clients will take a look at what you bring to their campaigns.

The world of diverse modelling continues to thrive. Let’s keep it even more prosperous.