Guide to baby modelling    

The wonderful world of baby modelling continues to impress parents and clients alike here at Models Direct. The importance of delightful toddlers has never waned, with more clients than ever asking for 0-2 year olds to add weight to their advertising campaigns. Fortunately for them, they know who to approach to find the very best babies to shine in front of the cameras.

Some parents might have reservations about giving their cherished son or daughter the chance to work with famous clients. That’s only natural, and completely understandable. There may be travelling (which we pay the expenses), and there might be waiting times whilst on-set professionals prepare in-between shoots. That’s commercial modelling, but the results are sure worth it.

These aren’t really cons of baby modelling – more realistic inconveniences that parents should expect. After all, we can’t guarantee that every job for all our models will be right on their doorstep, or that the client’s shooting schedule will run exactly on time all the time. However, we vet all our clients, and we’ve grown to build a solid and mutually respectable relationship for years. That’s reason enough for clients to trust our judgement in putting the very best models for their needs, and it’s no different for our very youngest modelling talent.

Our illustrious team know which models should excel for particular clients. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we’ve helped proud parents to get their budding modelling stars in the right assignments for prestigious brands, including Mamas & Papas, Pampers and a whole host of renowned retailers, as well as some lesser-known but just as ambitious smaller enterprises. As Europe’s leading commercial modelling agency, our ethos and responsibilities dictate we value all our models equally, although we appreciate that babies and children need special supervision away from the comforts of their home.

Parents should not expect their babies to be chosen by our clients right off the bat. Sure, it may happen if clients take a shine to your baby’s images, but it’s never a foregone conclusion. We’re experts at predicting what are clients are looking for, but the final decision is always theirs. So, parents should keep the faith and continue updating their baby’s portfolio whenever their looks change: maybe they’ve grown a bit since you last took a photo, or developed some camera-friendly hair. Apart from the initial two registration photos, you’re encouraged to upload more versatile photos in various poses and clothes. The more, the merrier. 

Several parents have asked if they can be with their babies on set. Of course they can! Though you won’t be right beside your child when the film starts rolling or the camera starts snapping, you need to be there to look after your treasured one when they’re not “working” – be it feeding them, entertaining them with toys or reading to them. Whatever is required to keep them comfortable, safe and happy. Have a look at some frequent Q&As here.

The future remains very rosy for our modelling babies. We’ve had the privilege of receiving oodles of five-star baby reviews, and there’s no reason why your baby couldn’t be the next one in the spotlight.