I’m thinking about modelling – what should I do?

Modelling is one of the most accessible jobs out there – including part-time or temporary work.

However, prospective models shouldn’t go into the industry without a little prior knowledge. Nor should they do it on a whim. It’s true that modelling remains all-inclusive so it’s open to just about anyone with the desire to flaunt their talents to our clients, but it takes a certain type of person to make it happen.

Commercial modelling is a lot of fun. Models meet others on set, and they can cement firm friendships along the way. They can work with esteemed professionals, including set directors, make-up artists, photographers and film experts. We also negotiate the best fees around. There aren’t really any negative points when it comes to modelling, other than the occasional ubiquitous travel delays.

But new models should consider it seriously. Like we say, it shouldn’t be a one-off urge. All our models tell us about their experience post-shoot, and the results are welcome. They’ve turned simple dreams into reality. That’s not down to pure luck. Most of them have gotten to know what we do as a business, and how our values have contributed to Models Direct’s established reputation. They’ve studied our modelling tips and are comfortable when they’ve received the news from us that a client has picked them.

If you’re thinking about modelling, get to know about us and what we do, and read our fantastic monthly blogs. We’re the authority on commercial modelling, and our service quality has always been a huge advantage to models and clients alike.

Knowing even a small sample of who our clients are will give models a taste of the types of markets models are used in – that’s to say, almost every sector needs models at some time.

Closeup on happy young woman with dog outdoors in autumn

Once you have the necessary preliminary information, you’ll need to register with us. This is a quick and easy way to show us how you look. We’ll need two clear photos, and you don’t have to pay a professional photographer: using a Smartphone is absolutely fine.

Once the registration fee is paid (which equates to about £3.50 per week), we’ll put you forward to any suitable modelling jobs – hundreds of which we receive weekly from our clients.

When you’ve registered, we encourage everyone (whether it’s baby, child, mature or pet models) to regularly update their portfolios. This is so we can see current looks, not just old photos taken months ago.

Some models join us simply to earn money as a hobby. This is great, and fully understandable. If it works for you, it’s the best decision. Others have enjoyed multiple successes and look forward to even more work as a part-time job.

We also pay travel expenses, and we don’t restrict bookings to specific areas of the UK. We’re Europe’s number one modelling employment agency, so we have opportunities all across the UK and abroad.

But before you dream of modelling in London, closer to your home or in sunnier climes, make sure you’ve visited our website. Don’t rush your application with us, but do make sure you have everything covered to give you the best chance of being snapped up by our clients.