The importance of showing a variety of looks in your pictures

We see variety in all walks of life.

Diversity brings development, which in turn brings improvement. From wonders in the natural world to big brands changing their marketing strategies, diversity is a driving force in a world that keeps evolving.

On August the 1st this year, a Notting Hill head chef was snapped on a well-known website with his team of seven chefs. Fair enough – but the whole team consisted of males, sparking a “diversity row”. We don’t know how many CVs from females were scrutinised, and we don’t know if any female chefs were interviewed at his restaurant. Only one aspect led to the “row”: a lack of diversity.     

Variety in a model’s pictures really is important. A model should keep this in mind when considering their looks. We’ve never insisted that our models should change their looks on a whim, and we appreciate that many models are happy with their current looks; many models don’t wish to alter or add any features to adjust their image. This is perfectly reasonable – just be comfortable with your appearance and look forward to exciting jobs.

That’s not to say models should rest on their laurels with their portfolios. Sticking to a couple of simple headshots doesn’t attract our client’s attention as it would a variety of photos.

We have some basic rules when submitting photos to us. Clear headshots, good lighting and neutral backgrounds all tick boxes. Initial registration photos must be kept simple to allow us to see natural looks to showcase to our clients whenever a suitable assignment is available – of which there are hundreds.

It’s the updating of portfolio photos where models can flaunt quirky characteristics and unique looks. This is where variety can work wonders for models. We love looking at an eclectic range of model photos, as it demonstrates that our models are always looking to evolve and improve their features. The vast scope of jobs we offer demands a variety of modelling looks, so the more images models display on their portfolios increases the chances of more modelling work.

This particularly applies to adult models. For years, we’ve had an extraordinary amount of jobs for just about any type of models. But we don’t stop there. We’re always looking to increase our roster of opportunities in all corners of the UK, so our clients know that we’re the preferred option for the best and most diverse range of models in the UK. In fact, they’ve known that for years, but it’s worth repeating.   

Models don’t need to constantly change their looks, but if they do, we should be one of the first to know! If we aren’t aware of your changes, then our clients won’t either. And that would be a crying shame, and a waste of an opportunity.

So, if you have a change in appearance, or have any unique looks that aren’t reflected in your portfolio, please upload them as soon as possible. Take photos in different settings with different backgrounds, or experiment with different hairstyles and clothes.

Variety is the key to evolving…and to more success.