Finding Your Style

Amongst the fashion noise, there’s individuality shouting from a corner. This method of non-verbal communication is a great way to tap into expressing yourself through your wardrobe. Your style choice is your personal decision to mark your stamp on your outfit.

Even if you love looking through the latest trends and current fashion statements of this year’s season, your style belongs to you because it’s personalised and perfect. Whichever modelling niche you’re a part of – baby, child, teen, adult, senior and whether you’re being styled by someone else or your influence is in your hands, we’ll walk through why it’s beneficial to find your personal style.

Banish styling worries

You won’t need to go through that dreaded what-do-I-wear-today scenario because you’ll be in charge of choosing your personal style. You can mix and match, switch it up and get into your own rhythm setting your own standards. Hopefully, this will be a quicker process than ensuring you’ve got all the latest fashion, makeup, hair and nail styles on point with what the fashion giant’s season styles dictate.

Be a trendsetter and break barriers

How do trends start? Yes, probably through a whole time-sensitive movement but it can start with you. If you’re adding modelling images to your ePortfolio, you can use this space for self-expression and experimental purposes incorporating all your style choices. This might get heads turning – our agency and clients will appreciate the deep dive but amazingly unique images added to your collection.
Let’s face it – going rogue can be a risk but brave move! It’s worth it especially when a client likes your look and wants to call you for an assignment.

Personal growth and development

When you’re styling it up for yourself, this gives room for personal growth and development in your fashion style. You’ll know what works for you, and perhaps what doesn’t. You’ll develop into yourself and be confident in your choices without having to second guess.

The takeaway

Ultimately, your personal style is in your hands. No one should make you feel otherwise. You have a right to own it and flaunt it in real life and as part of your ePortfolio collective images of individuality and amazingness.

We know how busy life is but we hope you find a pocket of time to explore, discover and enjoy your personal style.