Female Modelling with Models Direct

Hello, hello! We meet again with another blog to add to our female modelling collection. We have lots of information about female modelling but to be honest with you, it’s never enough because this niche is bursting with so much!

Female modelling is exactly what it means, females that are specialised in modelling. We see plenty not only apply with Models Direct but grace the screens and magazines once they’ve been booked with top-notch clients. It brings our modelling-savvy team a great big smile on our faces when we see our models win campaigns that will go down in marketing history. Many of our baby girl models have grown and stayed in our books and are now child models, not just seasonal models. Many have been pregnant models who have gone on to have their baby and are now part of a family modelling set-up or going on as individual models in their respective age bracket and being booked with big names or some unrecognisable ones.

Models Direct take on diversity and inclusivity

One thing that we know for certain is that we are all different. Some of us are petite, some of us are taller than the average height according to our gender, some of us wear braces and some of us wear glasses. We differ and in our differences lies unique beauty only chosen for us. This is something our agency has always recognised and promoted even before it was a thing. By “thing” we mean, a movement that’s been recently adopted across the board to demonstrate that we all back equal opportunities.

As for what our female models have been a part of, let’s take a look!

Portsmouth City Council launched their young person’s bus ticket campaign starring teen Adebola (QDWB-4694).

Morrisons Pumpkin Campaign starring Zor-El and Laura, tween and adult females.

Morrisons half-price sale to help families get ahead from Christmas starring female adult Laura, and youngster Ayanah.

Disney’s Frozen 10th Anniversary featuring in the Disney press with Zainah (PGNT-4469).

Greene King in Manchester had Alice on board.

Our rave reviews

Accompanied by this fantastic selection of established clients, we have awesome feedback to reflect the female modelling experience. If you’re ready to read on, keep scrolling!

Zuzanna Boruczkowska left us an in-depth review:

“I recently received my first commission from an agency, which was my first time. It was to take part in a Christmas campaign in the form of a video. As I mentioned earlier, it was my first time, so I was a bit stressed. I was supported by the agency and could ask anything I didn’t understand at any time. I was surprised at how positive the atmosphere was during the recording. The other models were very friendly, and it also turned out that I wasn’t the only one having my first time. I am glad that I could get such an opportunity and try my hand at such a project. Let’s hope there will be more of them done from the MD team.”

Collette Gardener kindly shared the following:

“Thank you Models Direct for this opportunity. The team of the campaign were really professional and gave good direction to the novice as well as the seasoned model. I didn’t feel out of my depth at any time and the team were warm and welcoming.”

We received some 5-star reviews on Trustpilot too!

Tamara Small left this 5-star review:

“When I signed my daughter up, the process was very easy and smooth, I was very much in the loop every step of the way. Within a few months, my daughter was offered her first assignment, which was great! I was over the moon as it was so fast, plus it was for a global kids company. The assignment was well explained to me, and I knew exactly what I needed to do as Claire kept me posted very frequently. On the day of the assignment, I met with the team who were all lovely and welcoming to both me and my child. It was a very great experience, and my daughter had the time of her life representing her favourite character. We would recommend models direct as we have had nothing but a positive experience since signing up, and we are sure there will be more to come.”

Next up, Sylvie left this:

“The company is very responsive and willing to answer any query in a very professional manner.”

Jodie left us a 4-star review:

“It was a great experience being involved in the Greene King Pub and Brewery Christmas shoot. I met some amazing people and can’t wait for my next shoot.”

It’s great to see the amount of feedback we receive from all our models, including females. Sometimes it’s a 5-star hit or sometimes we have unhappy models. With the latter, we try our utmost best to take a proactive approach to handling our model’s complaints and looking ahead to see where we can make improvements as even though we’ve been in the industry for more than 30 years, there’s always opportunities to make positive changes.