Swindon’s Project Cakery Perfect for George Clooney and Film Crew

Loyal reader! Welcome, and hello. We’re glad you’ve landed on our page because we’re bringing you local Swindon news from our Swindon Models Direct modelling agency. It’s great to know what’s happening in our geographical region because we can get distracted by the bigger picture (nothing wrong in that at all) but it’s nice to know what’s happening at your doorstep.

Hollywood meets delicious British-baked cakes

Good for you for exploring! Well, with a blog title like this, we don’t blame you. Whether it’s cakes that made your heart melt or George Clooney, both had the same effect on us!

But we’re a specialist Swindon modelling agency championing everyone in our beautifully diverse and inclusive population. So why are we even talking about cakes and treats and a Hollywood silver fox?

Well, the sparkle of the movie industry touched a local cake business two years ago for a secret order to feed up to 200 people on set for George’s 61st birthday bash. He happened to be over in the UK directing a movie at the time which has just come to a local cinema screen near you this year (12th January). The Boys in the Boat is inspired by true events of the US rowing team that won their way to gold at the 1939 Berlin Olympics.

Holly Tait’s only been able to reveal this phenomenal treat just now, post-film release because her cake contained an emblem that would give a piece of the cake away about the film. (Enjoy the pun?)

A sweet story like this demonstrates how we can unexpectedly rub shoulders with film stars, and right here, in our busy town. Well, Holly’s shop is just half an hour away from us, in Cirencester but still close enough!

This success story resembles many of ours that we enjoy sharing as a modelling agency. We match models from all walks of life embracing all beautiful appearances, abilities, skills, hobbies and interests. Our Swindon Models Direct Agency values our models and knows who they are rather than just what they look like and whether they tick the box. On the contrary, all our models tick the box because everyone has the modelling pizzazz and prowess to create winning campaigns for our clients who touch base with us, searching for our local Swindon models.

Our icing on the cake

Just like how Holly’s delightful story unfolded, nothing beats knowing more about us and our commercial models who have found success with our agency. Want to know about their success stories too? Keep reading, dear reader…

Our modelling formula consists of two key tribes – models and clients. Some of our clients are based in Wiltshire whilst others aren’t but today, as we’re in our Swindon zone, we can’t help it but to share how a local business needed us to connect our models with them, and earn stellar feedback from them.

Collaborating with First City Nursing

A Swindon-based homecare service provider who supports adults in their later years got in touch with us for male and female adult commercial models for an upcoming photoshoot. 

Our specialist modelling coordinators set to work straightaway to find four stars who would fit First City Nursing’s marketing vision. Steve, Herb, Angelika and Omowumi were shortlisted and hired, and they’ve left some awesome feedback building our legacy of partnering with rewarding social care services.

Angelika shares that she had a:

“Very good experience, all the staff involved were very friendly, helpful and punctual. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot today!”

Ah, thanks Angelika! We’re so impressed at how it went for her alongside our other models. 

Next up, Omowumi describes:

“I got my 1st job from Model Direct this year 2019, and I am so excited. The experience was memorable and very enjoyable. I was in good company and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Looking ahead for more beautiful opportunities now.”

Herbert explains:

“When I first received this assignment from Charlie at Models Direct I rubbed my hands together, only twenty miles to drive and on my birthday, what more could I ask for?

The shoot was for First City Nursing Services start time of 11 am and as I said only a short distance to drive. After eventually locating the shoot site, my sat nav getting itself in a twist before my contact, the charming Debbie came to my aid and collected me from my car. Not a great start to what turned out to be a most enjoyable day. Meeting the residents, the very helpful care staff and my fellow talent made it a very pleasant shoot to be part of, with work both inside and outside on an overcast and drizzly day but everybody’s spirits were high and we all enjoyed working together. 

This was the first assignment I have received from Charlie who has been very helpful and patient with me especially my complete lack of understanding of modern technology. Thank you, Charlie for such a great present on my birthday.”

Finally, Steve spills the beans with his recount:

“I arrived promptly for this photo shoot, having checked in advance the detailed arrangements and dress requirements with the client. As a result, I was more than well prepared.

The shoot was at a care home with 48 private apartments and would involve indoor and outdoor shots. Photo shoots with clients, staff and other models would be required. A parking space had been reserved for me which made things much easier in terms of carrying my luggage and props into the venue – a nice touch.

The shoot was fairly advanced when I arrived and the models who were booked for earlier shoots were busy working. After introductions with the photographer and creative director, I was briefed and very quickly the shoot went underway.

The client’s understanding of the assignment was clear and thus enabled a very efficient shoot, so much so that we finished 3 minutes earlier than scheduled.

Great client, great colleagues, a very efficient photographer and wonderful organisation by Charlie from Models Direct and the most hospitable client you could wish for.

I would highly recommend Models Direct. Thanks, Charlie.”

We didn’t want to miss out any of the positive testimonials, and we’re always grateful for the feedback both our models and clients share. 

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