Everyday Models – We Really Need You!

We’re not kidding, we really do!

Have you ever noticed that models are everywhere? Entering a train station, waiting at a bus stop, cruising down a motorway or catching a flight, you’ll come across JCDecaux’s innovative outdoor advertising, and it’s literally everywhere. It’s quite amazing to see how transport advertising and billboard advertising have upleveled and swept across countries around the world. With this mass advertising comes commercial models to help fulfil the marketing vision. Imagine being on a big screen down a dual carriageway or on the side of a bus, and then think of the exposure a model would receive in this situation. These are just a few examples of advertising and the mass reach it can generate.

Have you noticed that some of these models look like regular, everyday people? Well, that’s the brainchild of marketing teams who know exactly what they’re doing with their clever strategies to promote brand awareness, and drive sales.

Why are everyday models important?

People connect with people, and what better way to enable that than through relatable models? Everyday models who look like people you’d see, meet or pass by outside make them more connectable than supermodels with chiselled, striking features and super slim, toned bodies. Seeing everyday people is a breath of fresh air and can help build and strengthen a brand’s reputation as being down to earth whilst anchoring it positively and memorably.

Diverse and inclusive models

Everyday models represent the everyday person, and with the population changing its dynamics, this can be reflected accordingly. This means that diverse and inclusive models are in demand more than ever. So for those outdoor advertising billboards, you can bet that they’ll be reflecting these types of talent. Having travelled via train over this week, I have seen plentiful models that fairly represent our population.

Models Direct x everyday models

Did you know that our modelling agency, Models Direct, gives everyday people an accessible platform to become professional models no matter how they look? We know it sounds too good to be true but we have a thirty-year successful reign in this industry. Our philosophy has always been to have everyday people sign up as models and go on to join winning campaigns. We have had so many models – baby models, child models, teen models, male and female models, senior models and every category you can think of models – bag a modelling gig and go on to seeing a successful career.

Are you interested in being part of this positive and realistic change?

You can sign up right here or have a chat with one of our modelling experts if you want to become an everyday model, no matter what your age, gender, size, or ethnicity is.

We look forward to meeting you!