Female models of all ages needed

The world of female modelling has always made headlines, even way back in the 1960s.

Through social media to more traditional print and on TV, female models are firmly fixed in the spotlight. Most of them are supermodels, of course, with a select few riding the waves of success in high-end fashion houses across the world. That’s a good thing, but it’s not really our concern.

What is our concern – and our expertise – is placing females in well-paid commercial modelling positions throughout the UK, and abroad. What females with high hopes should know is that there is no defined age at which they can succeed in the commercial modelling world – nor ethnicity, height, weight or any other physical characteristics. Commercial modelling appeals to everyone, because the brands we work with relate to the general population. There is no discrimination. All we ask from our models is an accurate application, realistic expectations, dedication and a little bit of patience.  

You’re never too old to become a model. Age is irrelevant, just like your skin colour and background. Commercial modelling is open to anyone with the commitment and confidence to shine on set. It’s good news for all our models, with female models continuing to be just as popular as they’ve ever been.

Female models are in demand for lots of reasons, but perhaps the most obvious reason is that they appeal to a lot of customers. As we have the largest client list in the UK, it stands to reason that our models are seen by the biggest range of potential consumers. Whether you’re in your pre-grammar school years or rocking it in higher education, or if you’re a professional adult or in your more mature years, there’s never been a better time to register with us and to look forward to the best commercial modelling assignments in the country.

We have the jobs, so it makes sense that we need female models to fill them. We’ve been supplying our clients with gifted models for over three decades, and as demand increases so must our number of registered models.

Two young women laughing and talking while cooking together in the kitchen

If you’re a female who has always thought what it’d be like to be a model, the best way is to find out yourself. True, you can read our superb reviews for honest inside information, but it’s nothing like the real thing. We have literally thousands of brands constantly approaching us to discover who we have on our books, and who they’d like to pick for their next exciting marketing assignments.  There’s absolutely no reason why the next female model couldn’t be you. You just need to give yourself the best chance of being selected by our clients, and the first step is joining our happy group of models.   

We have many opportunities for both petite and plus size females, those who have striking looks rocking their tattoos, and for mature models who’d like to earn the best fees by working just a few assignments a year.

Modelling is one of the few activities that can lead to full-time work. Alternatively, numerous models are just as happy to keep it at part-time, ad-hoc work. Whichever suits you best, our booking team is here to turn your hopes into reality.