Spotlight on Fitness & Sports Modelling with Models Direct

We’re always looking to kick-start a healthy lifestyle, or continue an existing plan, whether that’s incorporating cleaner, healthier food in our day or getting a workout routine in place. If you’re a fitness junkie and ready for your next HITT workout, or yoga session, it could be an idea for you to showcase your physique as a sport model.

Fitness models are taking the modelling world by storm as there is a demand for people to wear sportswear or activewear apparel and focus on leisure and wellness as we’re always striving to be a health conscious nation. Aside from sporting goods retailers, most fashion retailers such Next, New Look and Boohoo now market this category of clothing, and they are selling like hot cakes! 

According to Global Data’s market research, the UK sportswear market is forecast to expand by 20.9% in 2023 to reach a whopping  £6.7 billion! From hoodies, to leggings, to joggers, sportswear certainly isn’t boring nor dull. It probably never has been (think of Geri Halliwell’s cover of It’s Raining Men video inspired by famous musical 80’s films Fame and Flashdance).

If you’re an avid gym bunny or love to feel the satisfaction after a good workout, you could break into the fitness modelling arena and become Models Direct’s next sport model. You don’t need a six pack or ripped muscles to get noticed. In fact, your size doesn’t matter so much either – you could have broad shoulders and toned arms or have a smaller, lean frame – you just need to be physically fit and comfortable in your own skin. Being a model means being body confident as you may be asked to wear a different range of clothing as part of the job. 

Work could include modelling for fashion and sports catalogues, endorsing gym memberships or promoting vitamins and supplements. The range of work is broad and depends on what our clients request but fitness modelling is an influential platform that anyone who loves to be active should think about diving into.

Our talented fitness models have worked on modelling projects for leading companies and brands in the fitness industry such as Puregym, 7Active, Virgin Active and Comme des Garcons.

We’ve got a selection of reviews our models have shared with us about their experience. Lucy modelled for Puregym and had this to say about the experience:

“Thanks to Models Direct, I got the opportunity to work on a shoot for Pure Gym. The shoot was in a working gym and I was shot using the gym equipment, so not only did I get to work on a great job but I also got a workout! Everybody I met was friendly and we had lots of fun. I also got to wear an array of different workout gear in all sorts of styles and colours. It was a very high energy day but worth all the sweat and muscle aches the next day.” – Lucy

Next up, James and Nicole were selected to feature in 7Active’s photoshoot. Here’s what our wonderful pair had to say about their time on set:

Had an amazing time shooting for 7Active, gained a lot of experience just in one shoot! Can’t wait to see the turn out of the photos” – Nicole

Had a great shoot with another model (Nicole) for a company that does work clothing for places such as Starbucks, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Honda, F1 etc and really enjoyed it. Great day and can’t wait to do more work for MD. They are the only company I’ve worked with that makes sure you’re all good and catch up with you before & after the shoot to check in!” – James

Virgin Active wanted our Models Direct faces to be part of promoting their brand and no doubt went with Aiyana and Max. See how their time was spent with the crew:  

All went really well this morning with Virgin Active! Such a lovely, considerate crew and they were really pleased with the footage. Max loved it!” – Katie

Aiyana has a fab time in the swimming pool at the Virgin Active campaign today. Everyone was lovely.” – Aiyanna’s parent

Finally, our model Nancy was successfully selected as a sport model and we gave her a big shout out here:

“Huge well done to our #fitnessmodel Nancy for successfully posing as a sculpture model for a commission piece for Comme des Garcons! Can’t wait to see the final sculpture exhibited in Paris soon! “

Enjoyed reading this page? Do you think you’ve got what it takes to not only become a model but to make it as a sport model? We thought so too! Get those finger muscles warmed up now and get in touch with our professional team today to see where our agency can take you in the world of modelling. Models Direct have access to behind-the-scenes information and knowledge when it comes to our world. We know the ins and outs and can help you land assignments whatever your workout routine is! Are you ready for a new challenge?