Working as a Model – What’s Involved

Our talent is busy bees, particularly when it comes to being full-fledged models in demand. Demand can come in waves though – sometimes it’s soaring high and sometimes it quietens down. So our team got our thinking caps on and came up with this blog title to let you in on the scoop about what’s involved when your supplementary profession is modelling. Enjoy the read!

You’ve registered with MD and had contact with one of our expert modelling coordinators. It’s all set now. With your details all in place and the registration process completed, you’re good to go and make an entrance on the modelling centre stage. We’ve explained that you’ll hear from us when a client has called for your look and is interested in you, but this isn’t guaranteed every time a project lands in our inbox or on our desk. Here are some things to bear in mind when working as a model, and what’s involved:

Clients, industries and assignments vary

The main duties and responsibilities of a model vary from project to project. No two are the same (similar perhaps) but not the same and this is what adds to the magic of the job. Models should be ready to get connected with start-ups through to big enterprises, so the size of businesses can differ significantly. Some brands are newcomers and some are industry leaders, therefore models will be working with companies of all sizes and recognition.

The industries that models collaborate with also differ focusing on various niches such as the baby industry, the food industry, the educational industry, the health and wellbeing industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and the arts and entertainment industry to name a few. The plethora of markets gives scope to the wide variations of projects that could become available shortly.

Being flexible

A model’s lifestyle needs to have room for flexibility otherwise how else will you be called and involved in projects? With Models Direct, we see assignments through from start to finish so we have a good idea of how most projects roll. When clients need a model, it might be short notice or there might be some space to prep but either way, it could happen at any time of the week.

Having your model bag on the ready

Due to the speed at which some clients need to call a model in, having a modelling bag ready is an all-important item. This will include all the essential products you’ll need for your busy schedule such as money, phone charger and skincare. You’ll want this on standby so that you can literally grab it whenever you’ve been called for a casting, audition or the first, second or third day of your assignment!

Taking care of yourself, inside and out

Keeping up with a self-care routine, we’re thinking: a good skincare and haircare regime, packed with a good night’s sleep, exercise and a splash of self-love is an important part of working as a model. It’s a competitive business so taking care of your physical and mental well-being is essential.

Working with other models

Since assignments vary in nature, you might collab with other models from your agency or another. Working with others is usually how it works so be prepared to meet a lot of new faces and the potential to network which brings us to our next point.

Networking with professionals in the industry

When you’re a model, you’ll be mixing it up with directors, production teams and photographers to name a few professionals in the industry who’ll make the marketing campaign you’re a part of come to life. This will allow you to network with a wide range of professionals in the industry for the potential of future collaborations.

There’s a lot involved with being a model but once your foot is in the door, you’ll pick up a lot quickly, particularly with the right agency behind you, supporting and guiding you throughout your new career.
Any burning questions you’d like to ask our MD team? Go for it! We’re here to demystify any clouds that might be looming overhead with modelling questions. Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading! For more of where this has come from, head on over to our blogs to soak in more must-know modelling info.