Making the most of your look

Most people have at least one skill or talent. However insignificant that one talent might be, it should be used and not remain hidden.

Portrait of pretty young woman with wavy blond hair posing elegantly against white background

All models tend to have several talents. Not that those models are superior to anyone else, of course. But consider this: we cater for so many types of commercial model that it’s almost impossible that models will have just the one skill, talent or look that our clients can utilise. Models could be super-confident and engaging with clients, with a camera-friendly look, but their unique characteristics, perfectly manicured hands or shapely feet, or sensational hair might be overlooked. Whatever look or features you have to appeal to us and our clients, the question is: how can you fully exploit them to your advantage?    

Here is the Models Direct lowdown on how to maximise your look to really stand out.

For your current features:

Portrait of smiling bearded man looking at the camera on yellow background

Don’t focus on one particular feature. If you’re regularly commended on your complexion, that’s great – our clients will certainly be interested to see your photos. However, think bigger and dare to dream of more work by imagining how your other characteristics can be used in the industry. Remember – we have plenty of jobs for the largest range of models anywhere in the UK. So, yes, your immaculate skin will be seen as a plus point by clients, but have you thought about any other aspects that are just as valuable? 60-year-old plus models, models with larger waistlines, tattooed models, models with physical disabilities or “imperfections” – they’ve all been beneficial in past assignments, and will continue to be so. Flaunt them!

For ePortfolio photos:

1. Background. Experiment with a range of backgrounds. However, don’t let the backdrops distract from your headshots and other poses. A more neutral background often highlights a model’s facial features more effectively than a darker one.

2. Light. This is a crucial photography feature. Sometimes a photo can appear too grainy with too much light; alternatively, a photo can be ruined with unwanted shadows. A perfect time for outdoor summer shoots is about 5pm; for winter, mid-afternoon is ideal. 

3. Props. These are useful to emphasise your range of looks for different clients. Use them sparingly, though. Don’t let props hide more essential features such as eyes and hair.

4. Make-up. A quick touch-up for portfolio photos can enhance your overall look, but please don’t apply any for photos when submitting your registration.

5. Clothes. Look to update your ePortfolios wearing seasonal apparel. Always plan in advance: your most updated images decked out in summer clobber when it’s mid-autumn are outdated and won’t work in your favour.

6. Change your poses. Though facial features are the most important part of the photo, include a combination of photos with various must-know modelling poses. All it takes is one photo to catch a client’s eye!

portrait of caucasian worried businessman closeup on face

7. Review, update and improve your portfolios. Set a couple of days every few weeks to examine your portfolio. If you think you need to update it with fresh photos, chances are you definitely need to. All our models should keep in mind that we can’t guarantee work, but we will recommend models to clients for their final decision; this is why updating portfolios with a range of photos is paramount for modelling success.