Discovering Harwich with Models Direct!

The Models Direct team were super excited for our models Susan and Adrian who were selected to star in a promotional video for Harwich Council – what an exciting project!

The assignments team at Models Direct liaised with the production team at Joli Studios and briefed Susan and Adrian accordingly so they knew exactly what to expect on an exciting day of filming.

The video shoot was a great success, here is what Adrian and Susan had to say about the day:

Susan; “Loved this shoot and had loads of fun. Would really love to do it again.
The most enjoyable part of the assignment was working with lovely people (who really looked after us and were super nice to work with) and enjoying the perks of the job – such as some lovely free rose wine from the restaurant where we were shooting!
We were photographed/video’d doing various things around Harwich town for the day – wandering round the streets, enjoying a nice glass of wine/meal, walking along the pier looking out to sea, visiting the beach, splashing through the sea.
The shoot was for Harwich Council and it  was great working closely with a small production crew for the day, I really enjoyed it, and yes it did improve my confidence at taking direction and feeling that I could deliver what they needed. It was good to prove that I could take a lead role in a shoot confidently.
Would definitely recommend the experience – it was such a fun couple of days.
I joined Models Direct because I had a previous modelling job through an extras agency which I enjoyed so much I thought it would be good to join a specialist modelling agency”.

Adrian; ” I’ve done some acting before, but this was my first modelling assignment and i wasn’t sure what to expect! I met the two photographers and videographer on location as well as my partner for the day Susan and they were all lovely. This video shoot was for The Harwich Council promoting the area, so we spent all day being photographed and video’d doing hard things like having a picnic on the beach, a glass of wine at a nice restaurant and generally anything that the director Jon and Lisa asked. Thank you Models Direct, there wasn’t any nerves because the crew put us completely at ease and the whole experience over two days has been fantastic!”

Here are some behind the scenes pics from the day to give you a proper insight!