Ingrid’s experience as an extra through Models Direct

Extra’s are used every day in the commercial modelling world, so often we are not always aware of it!

Models work as extra’s  in films, TV programs, commercials and videos all the time and our model Ingrid was selected by a very well known, high street tech brand to star as an extra in their latest commercial – what an opportunity!!

Models Direct supplied a number of models for this particular assignment. The models were asked to be at the store on Regent Street in London and would be filming for a full day. Our selected models were so excited and couldn’t wait to experience life infront of the camera for such a prestigious client!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work as an extra then take a few minutes to watch Ingrid’s video who gives a really informative insight to this type of work – sound amazing!

The Models Direct team were delighted to be able to provide talent to this client and are so proud of all the positive feedback we received.