ASE Eyecare Assignment

andrew-2 andrew-and-katherine

The Assigments team yet again have had a busy month – one of the assignments we supplied models for was a photographic assignment with #ASE Eyecare Ltd – “ASE Corporate Eyecare, work in partnership with #BootsOpticians and provide simple and cost effective ways to provide the latest in prescription eye protection to employees”

The nature of assignments vary massively! Businesses use models all the time and often you wouldn’t even be aware of it!

Our models Ed, Katherine and Andrew had a fantastic day and sent in some great feedback of how the assignment went – have a read of how they got on!

Andrew said: ” This was my first ever paid modelling shoot and I really didn’t quite know what to expect. But as soon as I arrived at the main entrance, the atmosphere steadily became vibrant and full of positive energy. The type of photo shoot was for a corporate eyewear company and I was interested to see what type of quirky designs they would have for us to model.I couldn’t believe how blessed I felt to be surrounded by such warm, down to earth, loving individuals. It was everything you could ever dream of as a model. The atmosphere was second to none. Lyn, who’s the Director of Strategic Planning – Sales and Marketing at ASE Corporate Eyecare Ltd, not forgetting the rest of the team, were absolutely amazing and extremely fun to have around. There were fond moments whereby we were all caught up in huge hysterics, it was great. They made us feel well relaxed and there was plenty of tea and coffee to go round. Kim also shared out some special candy to keep our sugar levels up. There were tonnes and tonnes of glasses available to our disposal, 4,000 to to be precise. If we had another 1,000 models that would have made the atmosphere a tiny bit different. Graeme the photographer was great to work with, so many stories to tell, also contributed to the relaxed and chilled atmosphere. Lots of food and refreshments were served, fantastic hospitality as well as everything else. We all sat down together for a friendly lunch and a nice chit chat amongst the whole crew. Ed and Katherine were the other models who I worked with during the shoot. Katherine is more experienced in the modelling game, whereas Ed and I were the virgins fresh out of Models Direct. We all got along so well and it was quite sad when we all had to part ways at the end, but we all exchanged details hoping to reunite in October when our photos will be displayed at an exhibition in Central London. Something to look forward to indeed. Despite the rain throughout the whole shoot, we had plenty of sunshine in the building to go round. I would most certainly recommend signing up to Models Direct. I gained so much confidence and I also learnt to be myself, because who I was to everyone and where I came from really didn’t matter, I was treated as an equal and I felt secure within myself being amongst everyone involved in the photo shoot. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Molly Robinson who is one of the Models Direct recruitment managers for giving me the opportunity to work with some amazing people. Would I do it again? What do you think? I can’t wait for the next assignment. Bring it on!!”