The Reality Of NOT Having An Agent

You could be forgiven for thinking that successful models, actors and Influencers have created their success single handedly – in some cases you could be right, but often it will be down to having the backing of a proactive, well connected agent…

Social media has presented us with an opportunity to self promote and create are very own online persona, it’s often a long way from reality, but none the less it is a digital world that influences millions worldwide with brands paying huge amounts for their products to appear in a single image posted at a particular time – crazy hey?!

It’s easy to think these big online names create this seemingly perfect world single-handedly and in a few cases this may be true, more than likely though they have an efficient, established and well connected agency backing them all the way, keeping their image on trend, making sure they network in the right places, offering support and guidance when the going gets tough and of course negotiating the best possible rates with brands who want to be associated with them – that’s the job of a good agent!

Whether you’re an Influencer, model, actor or musician, self promotion is necessary and is a useful aid in getting yourself noticed by clients, but don’t underestimate the importance of having a professional agency like Models Direct to represent you and help guide you through every stage of your career.

What can Models Direct do for me?:

  1. Model Safety –  At Models Direct our models safety and well being is paramount to us when going on an assignment. Our booking coordinators  have a screening process for all new clients that book models with us, to ensure they are reputable and genuine.  We also have on going relationships with many of our clients, so we know exactly who will be on the shoots, the locations of the shoot and the timings – this is incredibly important when you are working in this industry. An agent also doesn’t mind asking these questions to  ensure your safety, whereas independent models may fear asking incase they risk loosing the job.
  2. The Ability to Negotiate Rates –  Negotiating model rates is a big part of a Booking Coordinators role, of course clients want to pay as little as possible for models and budgets can be low in this industry, so it is up to your agent to ensure you are being paid a fair rate for the work you are doing. Clients who book models from social media may well choose inexperienced models who wouldn’t know what rate they should be getting or have the confidence to ask for it.
  3. Suitable Assignments  –  The modelling industry can be a minefield and if you are a new model it can be very difficult to know what type of jobs to go for, this is the same for all talent. Having an agent representing you, means they are working on your behalf to promote you for assignments that suit your personality, skill set or look, therefore when selected for work you will have the reassurance you can fulfill client expectations.
  4. Agency Information –  Casting Directors, Production Companies and Advertising Agencies are generally super busy people, bookings are often fast, and information is passed quickly and not always straight forward!  As a freelance model this can be difficult to grasp, so at Models Direct we compile all the relative information that our talent will need and then give it to you in written format, so you have all the correct details for the job, ie, location address, dates, times, any particular requests.
  5. Agency Contacts –  Models Direct is a very well established agency that has been in the industry since 1990, over this time we have worked with  very well known brands and clients all over the world. Our booking agents are always on the phone and in constant communication with regular and new clients, therefore we have built up an extensive and diverse list of contacts within the talent industry. This takes years to do and is not possible for an individual or freelance model to create.

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