What’s the best age to start modelling?

Are you too old to be a model?

Are you too young to be considered a model?

Modelling is a type of industry that’s not too fussed about age – phew! In fact, the greater range of ages in models, the more diverse the selection is to our clients. So, to answer the heading question: individuals can start their modelling career at just about any age.

How many industries can proudly and accurately say that?

To go into finer details, there are the same opportunities for each age group. It’s a misconception to say there are far more chances to succeed for 20-35 year olds. True, there are plenty of top quality modelling assignments out there for this age group, but the same applies to babies – toddlers, and children – teens, as well as 40-60 year olds and more mature models. How can that be…?

Simply, all age groups have been – and continue to be – in incredibly high demand. If you have the desire and drive to become a model, there’s a very good chance we have the opportunities for you – whatever your age!

Obviously, some modelling jobs require a specific age group (how would a grandma fare starring in a campaign for toddler’s clothes?!). We’re not going to advocate that anyone can star in any modelling assignment – that would be insincere. What we can say with oodles of confidence is that age is no barrier to succeeding in modelling. You only have to be realistic, confident, dedicated and hard-working (which you all are, we’re sure!)

Clients are always looking for unique campaigns to increase brand awareness and stay one step ahead of their competitors – it’s a jungle out there! So, depending on what they are selling, it doesn’t do well to keep to the same rigid marketing formulae; sometimes an older model is required to mix things up, or a much younger one to achieve the same effect. Or…wait for it…animal models! Animal modelling is incredibly popular so, again, animals of all ages are also included in the “start at any age” bracket.

A classic example of demonstrating the diversity of age groups is to highlight the importance of family modelling. This provides families with a chance to work together, making both memories and cash! Many assignments make use of families by portraying genuine affection over a spectrum of ages – it’s a tried-and-true method that works! So, if you have a family (or know of one) that gets along with each other and is intrigued with the modelling world, get in touch! We have the clients and jobs that need you!

Age is something to be embraced and used to one’s advantage – never a truer sentiment than in modelling! Get in touch with us and see for yourself!