Models Direct’s Top Tips When Infront Of The Camera

There are hundreds of ways to learn how to pose and it is a crucial element of the skills mix that female and male models must possess!

Before a photo-shoot or casting it is a good idea to practice modelling poses at home in front of a mirror so you can see how you look. Take into consideration your facial expression and how that may change depending on the pose you are doing – how do you appear to others?

Also, check your posture and silhouette, this may not look as you think it does, so it’s good to see yourself and how your body appears in different poses.

Here are a few useful tips from the Models Direct team to consider to help you look the best you can:

Resist the temptation to hold your breath, it can give an air of concentration and a stiffness to your facial expression. Try and just breath calming so your facial expressions remain relaxed.

Even if you are in great shape, try and think about your posture when posing. A good way to stand straight is to hold your stomach in and keep your back and shoulders straight, this will make you appear taller and create a much better modelling posture.

Unless you are asked to, try not to have your arms straight when posing, it looks unnatural. A little bend can go a long when in creating a bit of movement in a picture and that element of realism and form. This applies to your legs too, try and keep one leg bent of slightly in front of each other.

Remember the camera is like a mirror, so when you are doing headshots try and not look directly face on at the lens unless of course you are directed to. Try and look slightly to the side, tilt your chin or look down, this will create a more flattering angle.

Mix up your facial expressions, this show diversity, a grin or smile is ideal and sometimes even a frown can work. A combination of facial expressions will create an energy and movement to the images which will reflect in your portfolio.

Modelling is an incredibly competitive industry so it is really important to not get down or give up by one bad casting or photo-shoot that hasn’t gone quite as you hoped! A good portfolio, lots of energy and a great agent will get you there in the end!