Do you need experience in modelling?

When we read job descriptions there’s a word that often stands out.

That word is “experience”.

Having the knowledge and skills to perform certain duties is undoubtedly an advantage. If a person didn’t have them, it’d be a pretty futile exercise in applying for a position, or even registering their interest. Experience is important, no question.

But there’s a question which is constantly asked in the employment world: “How can I gain experience when companies won’t accept me without it?”

It’s a genuinely good question – so much so that it often leaves people scratching their heads in despair.   

Being an interim or apprentice is a solid way to gain new skills and apply them in a potential career. They’ve been a great way to gain a “foot in the doorstep”, acquiring expertise for the future ahead. Models can offer themselves in roles without pay, although this is quite a drastic decision.

Having modelling experience working with different brands is a well-deserved feather in anyone’s cap. Experienced models can sometimes pick and choose which assignments they want to accept, safe in the knowledge that their skills will be used in later jobs. Clients respect experience, although it’s not the most important detail when they’re on the lookout for their next modelling star.

The Models Direct team has always championed first-time talent. We don’t know the exact ratio of debutant to experienced models that are chosen by clients, but we do know that literally hundreds of inexperienced models on our books catch our client’s eye. Our clients value individuals who have the flair and enthusiasm to make their marketing campaigns a success. They’ve always been keen to enlist first-time models, and they’ll continue to do so. Additionally, clients trust us to recommend the best models to choose from – which is the best reason to register with an industry-renowned agency like us.

Throughout the many years we’ve been operating, we’ve been inundated with reviews from debut models. We enjoy hearing their successes, the relationships between them and the client, and how much they appreciate having us with them every step of the way. It’s natural to have pre-job nerves, so much so that we’d find it strange if there weren’t any. So it’s even more satisfying to hear first-timers overcoming these anxieties on assignment and blossoming into fully-fledges models, whether they’re happy to model part-time as a hobby or whether they hope for more regular work.

Experience – it’s useful, but absolutely not compulsory. Don’t let a lack of experience stand in the way of your modelling dreams.

The proof lies in our huge catalogue of reviews. Many are from debut models, from mature models to children and young adults. If they can do it, why can’t you?

Apply now and we’ll look at what you can offer our clients. And we promise not to be concerned whether you have any modelling experience.