Four Tips on Staying Organised

We know that being organised and staying organised can be challenging goals but that doesn’t mean they can’t be achieved.

A common complaint that rings true for the majority of us is: how quickly time flies. Students, in particular, have a busy school day with homework, assignments, coursework and exams to contend with afterwards. It’s a race against the clock to fit all of this in a day plus enjoy leisurely activities. What better way to utilise time better than to start by being organised, and staying organised so that you can extract the most out of your educational career. This simple concept is well known to boost productivity, and if you get it right, it can help you conquer all you need in your school life, and beyond.

Let’s get more things done by following our four time-busting tips on getting (and staying) organised.

Choose a space to study

We don’t want to be advising you on the time that you should be studying. It’s hard enough to slot it in when you’ve got loads on your plate. What we would suggest is finding the best place with the least amount of distractions so that you can maximise your concentration. Whenever you choose, own your space and use some of the following tips to help leverage your time further.

Gather stationery

Can’t find that wonder pen that makes you write like a scribe? Or that essential eraser you can’t work without? There can be some serious cases of common culprits for irritating a student who wants to get their work done. Sound familiar? If you’re too busy looking for lost stationery under your papers, your desk or your bed then we suggest giving them a proper home. Desk organisers (we love the rotating pen holders) and clear storage boxes are great for tidying away and finding your stationery essentials.

Writing to-do lists

Sometimes we think of all the things we need to do and just keep it within the perimeters of our minds. How about writing it down and sticking to one place where all your thoughts and plans go? Whether it’s on a memo board, stuck on your bathroom mirror or on your fridge, writing to-do lists can help you prioritise what you need to do and by when. 

Tidy up

Carrying out a habitual purge of unwanted paperwork, items and general bits and bobs of your space is a good way of giving your study zone a clearout. Try not to be so ruthless that you accidentally bin the belongings you need. You need to strike a healthy balance so take your time to meticulously go through your stuff.

Models Direct understands what’s important to you – your education. So, if you keep on top of being organised and staying that way, you’ll hopefully move forward to achieve more out of your time so that you can work hard to get the best grades. You can carry this ahead into your adulthood too and throughout your careers…with modelling perhaps being one of them!