Commercial Agencies: How Do They Work?

Our team of savvy modelling experts have been part of a leading commercial employment agency – Models Direct – for the past thirty years employing models from across the UK. We’re unlike the majority of the modelling agencies out there – we aren’t a showcase company. By this we mean that we don’t just put up our model’s images on our website and leave it at that. We don’t intend to give the impression that work is on its way to our modelling hub because clients will take an automatic interest. 

The truth is, clients don’t have the time to look around for models for their projects. They come to agencies like ours to help them find the right person for the assignment so it’s done quickly and hassle-free. They can rely on us to arrange everything for them; finding the perfect, reliable and professional fit for their campaign so they can concentrate on what matters the most – getting their marketing campaign drafted, devised and delivered featuring one or some of our models, no doubt.

Models Direct actively represent, seek and source work for our models and don’t advertise them by just placing their pictures on our website and leaving it out there for all to see. This is not what we’re about – we don’t just stop there. In fact, we don’t showcase our models in the same manner as others do. When we see what is happening within our sector, it really does frustrate us knowing that newcomers and existing models are not being fairly represented. Unfortunately, this is not in our hands but what is within our power is that we do things right and we get things done like we say we do. 

We do introduce our new and existing models particularly when they’ve been chosen for an assignment. If you scroll through our website, Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see our stars being mentioned and associated with the projects they’ve completed. We do this to show our audience and community what our models have been up to, to keep everyone in the loop. 

Models Direct cannot stress enough that our team works very, very hard for our models. We aim to keep our processes, from selecting our model to the client’s finished product, moving seamlessly and harmoniously so the entire experience with us is positive and unforgettable.

Modelling applications are welcome for all the divisions we cater for, all go through a verification process, bearing in mind that we are adapting to the changes and demands that the advertising and marketing industry call for. So, if you like what you’ve read and want to pursue a new part-time career in something that is fresh and quirky, then modelling should be on your to-do list. Now that the year is drawing to an end, you might be thinking about all the things you’d like to try your hand at that you never got the chance to try before, and if modelling was never considered, then maybe it’s time that it is. 

If there’s anything you’d like to chat to us about or ask, please contact our agency today. We’d love to hear from you!