Goals for 2022

Is there a point in having goals if they are never realised?

Well, everyone is aware of good intentions. They are an important part of our lives, because intentions are evidence that an individual needs / wants to change / adapt for their own (or someone else’s) benefit.

Goals are a bit like good intentions, aren’t they? “I must try to cut down on caffeine” is a common intention that is either achieved directly by the individual, or else it’s a nagging hypothesis developed by one’s subconscious (in this example, it’s usually due to that person experiencing the effects of consuming too much caffeine). Of course, this example could extend to tobacco, alcohol, fatty foods – even more personal intentions such as “I must try to be better at timekeeping.” The list of good intentions is endless.

If you’ve set yourself goals for 2022, has living in these Covid times influenced them? Some of us have had more time on our hands due to restrictions governed by Covid. Conversely, others have been searching frantically for extra hours during the day, with Covid making their daily routines more chaotic. Maybe your main goal for 2022 is to relax more, and to enjoy life even more! Whatever your intentions for the New Year, the key question to ask yourself is: “What’s important to you?”

The question is key, because most goals are personal. Almost always, goals can only be achieved by the person setting them. And this is where the following four tips come into play:

1. Be rational – goals have to be realistic and sensible, otherwise they’ll just remain pipe dreams that will remain unfulfilled. Don’t walk before you can jog – and definitely not before you break out into a sprint! Slowly, deliberately, surely…easy does it, folks!

2. Stay motivated – once your goals have been planned out, have the determination to carry out your plan. The driving force behind succeeding is you! Procrastination is not your friend.

3. Be optimistic – have the positivity to stay upbeat, even in the face of adversity. Some goals can be overcome simply by staying optimistic.

4. Tell someone about your goals – whilst you have the power to achieve your goals, having someone to push you is not a bad thing. They may even prove a useful ally when your motivation levels are not as they should be!

What you want to change for 2022 is not really that important, because goals will differ from person to person. The fact that you may have already identified a need to set goals is a good indication that you’re on the right path to personal accomplishments in 2022. And that is half the battle: the awareness that you need to set goals. After that, it’s how you go about achieving them that matters most.

With a little application, 2022 could be your most successful yet – modelling or otherwise.