Making Your Portfolio Stand Out

At Models Direct we are continuously stressing just how important an e-portfolio is – and this is because we cannot stress it enough!

Your portfolio is what we see when we are choosing the right types of models to put before our clients for particular assignments.

It is what our clients see when they make their final selection.

It is therefore vital that you do everything you possibly can to ensure your portfolio stands out.

Whether you a new model, putting a portfolio together for the very first time, or someone who already has one but needs to update it, then take time to go through this checklist:

1. It is essential to make sure your portfolio (or that of your child) is updated regularly. Make a note or set a reminder so you don’t forget to do this every couple of months or so. With young children, this may need to be more frequent.

2. Make sure your details are all completed and up to date. Quite apart from the fact that we need to be able to get in touch with you quickly, a sloppy portfolio with gaps in it looks poor.

3. Check your pictures are of a good quality, reflect the way you currently look and are refreshed every so often. Make sure you have also uploaded the kinds of images we are looking for. Follow our guidelines on how to do this.

4. Ensure you tell us about any relevant experience that might help you to secure an assignment. This can be anything from other modelling and acting work to pastimes such as music, singing or drama, that our clients might be interested in.

5. Also, are you passionate about any pastimes that might make you suitable for certain bookings – are you a fitness fanatic, motorbike enthusiast or football player? 

6. Whenever you carry out any work through us, make sure the relevant photography, social media posts and reviews are included.

7. If appropriate, upload a showreel or intro video. This should be edited with regularity to include any recent work.

8. Sit back and ask yourself what more you could do to make your showreel stand out. Could you make your photography seasonal and relevant to the six months ahead? Is there an outfit you could wear that is particularly flattering? Do the images reflect who you are – do they show us your beautiful smile and bubbly personality? Do they portray your best and unique features well?

Managing your portfolio is up to you. We will do all that we can to guide you, but ultimately you are the person who needs to ensure that it really stands out.

Find out more about joining Models Direct and updating your portfolio here.