Becoming the Model: Tips for the Right Mindset for a Modelling Shoot

Accelerate personal success and be the best version of yourself

It’s all about being in the present moment and creating a powerful mindset – you know, that amazing way of thinking and processing info called mindfulness. It can transport you through the peaks and troughs of life by empowering your thoughts to stay in the moment, right here, right now. We’re zooming in on this for this blog so if you’ve landed on this page and want to learn more, particularly how you can apply it to modelling, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ah, we hear (and read) a lot about being positive. It’s so important for your well-being and channelling inner good vibes so that you’re the best version of yourself.

If you’re thinking about becoming a model who’s set to work in front of the lights and cameras, getting into the right frame of mind is one heck of a way to own it and make your work your art, minus any unnecessary inner voices that might be telling you otherwise. So, in what ways can you help strengthen and empower your mindset for a modelling shoot, especially as a noob to the modelling squad? Let’s unveil Model Direct’s top tips here:

It’s okay to feel nervous
Is imposter syndrome kicking in? Stomach in knots? Getting cold feet?
This is very common, even for the most experienced models out there. You might feel like you want to run, escape or cancel a modelling shoot altogether but honestly, feeling nervous happens to the best of us! Talk about how you’re feeling with our team if you’re experiencing pre-assignment jitters and if you’re on set, talk to the team. Chances are, and this is a very big chance, that they’ll sympathise with you and make you feel even more comfortable and relaxed. You’ll be surprised but give it a go if this happens to you!

Practise your mirror work
Another great way to prepare for a modelling shoot is to stand in front of your mirror and take practice poses every day. Sometimes it’s difficult to recreate a look you really like if you haven’t acquired muscle memory, so step in front of your reflective surface and try out different looks in your space without fear of judgement or scrutiny.

Channel positivity
Stay in a positive mindset. Surround yourself with positive people to help you. It’s not possible to feel this every second of the day but when it counts the most, make it count – like right before you go in for a modelling shoot. Boss it like a positive pro!
Positive affirmations help too. So having a few or even one phrase that you truly connect with (could even be one you’ve made up yourself), which you repeat every day particularly when you need a quick boost in self-confidence and a reminder of a positive mindset, is a great way to bring yourself back into a space which lifts you. This one does take time, so patience and perseverance are key, but don’t give up.

Eat well and cut down on caffeine
Avoid the jitters and feeling edgy by eating clean and cutting down on chocolate, and caffeinated drinks before a modelling shoot. Even though they taste great and we may want a buzz to give us a kick, they affect how we feel. Its stimulatory effect is usually noticeable within the first 45 minutes of intake and can last 3–5 hours. So things like jitters, shakes, headaches, increased heart rate and difficulty sleeping can be a result of excessive caffeine intake.

Bonus tips:
Sleep well, keep hydrated, plan your route, have your modelling essentials bag or backpack ready, and remember to smile!