Foot Modelling – 8 steps to the perfect feet this Summer

It’s not long now until we will all be digging out our favourite open-toed shoes and perhaps starting to consider investing in a new pair of flip flops or gladiator sandals.

But are your feet ready to be revealed to the world?

Foot modelling is a niche area but one you may well be interested in if you are someone who has been complimented on their feet or perhaps takes great care in looking after them.

Foot models can be booked for a whole range of work, varying from catalogue and website shoots for footwear through to advertising campaigns for beauty and other products.

The process is very similar for those wishing to break into hand modelling or the modelling of other body parts.

Whether foot modelling is an area you are interested in – or you just want your feet look their very best this summer season – follow these steps towards having a perfect pair:

1. Make sure you wash your feet regularly with a gentle soap, ensuring you dry carefully between your toes.

2. Once dry, moisturise your feet with a good cream to suit your skin type.

3. At other times, try to give your feet as much air as possible. When wearing socks try to ensure they are of a breathable material.

4. Change and wash your socks frequently to help prevent infections.

5. Trim your toenails regularly by cutting them straight across.

6. Use a pumice stone to carefully remove dry skin, but don’t rub too hard.

7. Wear flip-flops, towelling sandals or disposable shoes when in a public shower, changing room or spa to avoid catching anything unpleasant.

8. Think about the footwear you wear on a day-to-day basis – fashion might be very important to you but comfort and caring for your feet are also essential.

Finally, why not treat yourself to a pedicure? Go on, you deserve it!

Then if you want to apply to Models Direct to become a foot model, you can send us some great looking photographs, and you will be ready to put your best foot forward.