Celebrating Father’s Day

Calling all superheroes and legends out there! This one is for you…

Every day of the year marks a special day all over the world. Fast approaching in our calendar is Father’s Day and many of us will be looking forward to it. Models Direct can understand that it can be a sensitive time for some too but if you’re ready for some dad-inspiring content, keep on scrolling!

Whether you’re a dad, uncle, granddad, godfather, a role model, or someone who has made a positive influential impact, then it’s time to celebrate you. Fathers shouldn’t be valued for just one day though, no – we knew you’d agree! There should be a continuous celebration of limitless appreciation because you deserve it! Dad’s roles are now changing in our modern world where we have proud stay-at-home dads, amazing single dads, and revolutionary single sex parents as a few examples. It’s wonderful to see how diverse our population is and how we thrive on this as a prime  business ethos – we love it!

How your day might look… 

Typical things you might get up to on Father’s Day could include catching a lads movie, going carting, rock climbing, bowling through to sharing a delicious meal together. Make this Father’s Day a memorable one. And if you’ve run out of ideas, making breakfast in bed or a walk together with your furry canine are just as good – simple pleasures in life that sometimes we override or dismiss as being mundane or trivial when in fact they aren’t. Your superhero won’t mind either, because it’s all about sharing precious moments rather than doing wacky, outrageous or expensive outings.

Keep a note of this date in your calendar, folks – Sunday, 19th June. If you’re thinking of doing something special and sharing some quality time with your rock, get prepping and planning.

Be proactive and take matters into your own hands. Own it and live the life you want to live. If that means applying as a male model after you’ve celebrated together, go for it. Be a game-changer and drive results by doing something you’ve never thought of trying before. You’ll be wondering why you never did it! Better still, why don’t you apply as a father and son duo so you get the opportunity to try something new together? Now that’ll be something, that’s for certain!

The roles may differ, but essentially an application with a connection similar to this is second to none. Models Direct would love to see this unionship and have the privilege of forwarding it on to clients looking for the same setup. It can happen, it does happen and it will happen, and best of all, you’ll get paid (all expenses paid if the travel is a distance away) giving it that extra incentive to join our modelling hub.

Our pleasure comes from bringing dreams of models and ideas of clients to life. We look forward to seeing and meeting you if you choose to take on a great adventure you can share together. In the meantime, we hope you all enjoy a lovely Father’s Day.

Love Models Direct x

PS… Dads (or a special someone you consider as being a positive role model or huge influence in your life) are true heroes that the world will not be the same without. Give yours a special hug; remind them that they are loved; make them smile; crack a cheesy joke but most of all, live in the moment; be present, and capture them on camera so that those memories of you together live forever. You’ll thank yourself for it!