Celebrating Your Pregnancy with This Season’s Maternity Fashion Ideas

A new chapter in your life is beginning – you’re pregnant! It’s an exciting, nerve-racking and precious time but before we go into this reading further, a big congrats from us to you.

Wrap your cute baby bump in style

With an ever-growing bump, it’ll be worth stocking your wardrobe with essentials (fashionable too, mind you!) for this season or rummaging through your previous pregnancy clothes (don’t forget sustainability) depending on whether this is your firstborn or third! We’ve rounded up some super fashionable ideas for expectant mummies to radiate this season so you’ve come to the right place to find out what trends are floating about in the maternity section online and in stores.

We’ve taken inspo from current mum-to-be celebs, who will be rocking it up with new styles and new looks! 2022 is going to be filled with baby stars and more new maternity lines are set to fly off the shelves!

Let’s see what’s out there with these sun-ready looks…

Jumpsuit comfort

You’d think a jumpsuit would be difficult to climb into especially with a bump that wants to expand but the delicious ones out there are literally a treat. They’re roomy, comfy, soft and practical not to forget totally fashionable. You can match them with a pair of sneakers for a casual look or a pair of wedges for a safer way to add height.

Chill in shorts

Shorts are in and they’ve been adapted for the maternity section where they’ll be a snug fit around the waist. Team them up with trainers, sandals or slippers to relax it out and get your skin exposed to some much-needed sunshine vitamin. The weather is set to give us more promising temperatures making neutral hues a go-to for the great outdoors.

Effortless midi dresses

The midi dresses that have been catching our attention are flowy, walk on air ones that will make your bump feel like it’s covered in cotton wool. If you feel good on the outside, you’ll feel good on the inside and vice versa, so why not achieve this ultimate zen zone with a maternity midi dress which could take you through your entire pregnancy.

All three apparel can be bought on a budget making it a win-win especially as the cost of living is rising.

Glow up in this season’s trends and don’t forget to take a snap of yourself and what you’re getting up to with your new addition to your family. If you’re already a model with our innovative agency, we’ll want to see all those amazing images you’re capturing which you can add to your ePortfolio.

Craft an up to date ePortfolio

If you’re starting it out as a model, just grab your phone, or someone else’s and get clicking, it doesn’t have to be professionally crafted. Remember to upload them to create a wonderful compilation of your versatile appearances so that potential clients can see your updated look as it stands right this very moment.

The maternity industry is huge. When you’ve passed this stage, or it’s a long-distance away, you don’t pay as much attention, but once you’re in there, suddenly the world’s information orbits it! Funny that but that goes for everything in life – things become more noticeable – just like your growing body. We wish you well; with love and warm wishes, hoping the best journey of pregnancy and parenthood for you and your loved ones from Models Direct x