On the move – travelling with Models Direct

Europe, America, Africa, Asia….

….most of us can only dream about being asked to travel for work.

But those dreams do come true for some of our models!

As an international agency, Models Direct does get requests from clients based all over the world and some of these require shoots in foreign climes!

This could mean a snow shoot in Switzerland, filming by a fjord in Norway or even a sizzling hot photo session out in the dessert in Morocco – you never know!

None of our models are ever pressured into travelling internationally for a booking.

We understand that lots of people have other work and family commitments, meaning it doesn’t always fit in with the rhythm of life, however exciting it might be!

Others, perhaps, just want to work closer to home and may not be interested in zipping off abroad.

If you are potentially keen on accepting bookings abroad, however, you have to have an up-to-date passport.

And, if you are travelling to a country in Europe, then your passport should have at least six months validity on it.

Passport applications can take weeks to process and assignment requests can be at short notice…

So if you are interested in travelling, we would advise you to apply for a passport now if you don’t have one – and, if you do, check the expiry date and reapply in good time.

We do, of course, receive requests for male and female models to travel across the UK too and, once again, if you are selected, it is up to you to decide if you wish to accept a booking.

Modelling can be a wonderful way of seeing different corners of the country – bonnie Scotland, dramatic Derbyshire or the scenic south coast of England.

And, of course, there are many cities out there too where film and photo shoots might be staged – and which you might never have visited before.

Modelling can be a very rewarding career or pastime – and it really can offer some lucky models the opportunity to broaden their horizons and enjoy a whole new world.