UK v Hollywood

As a commercial model, you’ve probably imagined scenes that would suit your skills and ambitions. Maybe you’ve fancied starring in high profile TV shows as an extra; possibly you have your eyes on appearing on the silver screen. If screen work is right up your street, there is good news to ensure that the street is free from bumps with no U-turns: the UK TV and film industry is a hotbed for new talent, and there’s really no better time to realise your dreams.

It’s no secret that the UK is looking to invest in eye-opening sums of money to rival Hollywood. With the increase in demand for studio locations throughout the country, commercial models are in a far better position than they were previously. More studios equals more productions, which means more opportunities for models and actors. Casting directors may well have their work cut out in securing the best talent to keep the UK film and TV industry ahead of the Hollywood juggernaut.

The UK is in a strong position at the moment. There are more actors and models in work than ever, which is mutually beneficial for an endless list of individuals, namely: producers, directors, location scouts, casting directors, actors, script writers…it really is a great time to be involved in the industry.

But where do all you lovely models come into play with this encouraging progression?

The first step is to have faith in your talent, because confidence in front of cameras (no matter how big they are!) is easily picked up by an audience. Having a realistic belief in your own abilities cannot be bought or learnt, although it can grow stronger with experience.

The second step is to conduct a little research into the film and TV industry. Acquiring knowledge in any modelling / acting disciplines goes a long way, and will serve models well when it comes to preparing for other assignments.

The third step is, of course, to sign up with a credible commercial modelling agency. We have the contacts who are crying out for you, and it’s our job to propose the right models for them to select. By signing up with us, we’re in a position to have a look at what you can bring to the film and TV industry, and then we can put forward to our clients who need talent just like you. Getting your name and credentials out there to industry experts is perhaps the most important role at an agency; without an agency, models rely on direct communication with the client, and this type of “personal cold calling” is usually unsuccessful.

As with any industry, success breeds more opportunities, and the scope for new blood in the film and TV world is vast. We can’t promise that models and actors signing up with us to be selected by our clients will become household names or film stars. What we can guarantee is that models and actors joining us give themselves the best chance of being seen by some of the best names in the business.

If you’re a model or actor keen on appearing on screen in the thriving UK film and TV industry, just get in touch with us. You’ll have made your first step towards the exciting world of commercial modelling on screen.

And if you’re a seasoned model already, why not contact us to discuss your TV and film aspirations? You should already know we have the clients that can make it happen!