Valentine’s Day – making it even more special!

Love is in the air and many of us are already making plans to show our loved ones just how precious they are to us.

Small gestures go a long way on Valentine’s Day – and big ones go even further!

But more than anything it’s about taking the time to reveal our emotions and to be honest about how much our husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends mean to us.

So, here are a few of our suggestions, from the small but significant to the grander and much showier:

1. Post your Valentine’s Day card

Instead of hand delivering a card that you have picked up around the corner on the day itself, think ahead and pop it in the post (first class of course!). Even if he or she gets it early, they will know you have been thinking of them in the run-up to Valentine’s Day and they aren’t just an afterthought. You could do the same with flowers or chocolates – instead of getting them from the supermarket or garage, order them online a day or two in advance. There’s nothing quite so romantic as receiving a delivery!

2. Book a table or cook at home

Instead of deciding on the day itself to take your significant other out, book a table in advance. You know where he or she likes to go and not only can leaving it too late result in disappointment, but everyone loves a surprise! Alternatively, tell your loved one that you intend to take them somewhere special and ask them to arrive at your house dressed up and in good time. Preparing a delicious candle lit dinner at home may seem corny but sometimes the tried and tested treats really are the best.

3. Arrange a special trip

We have all been so tied to our homes and the areas in which we live for the past couple of years, perhaps now is the time to think about stepping out of our comfort zones a little. Could you plan a lovely day out for your significant other – a wonderful walk in their favourite rural beauty spot, a day out shopping to a city they’ve never been to before or an afternoon walking hand in hand along the beach? Maybe, you could run to something even bigger, a city break, a night or two away in a hotel or a few days in the sun? Presenting them with a ticket on Valentine’s Day – and telling them you want to whisk them away somewhere special – is sure to melt anyone’s heart….

4. Discuss your future

Deciding to focus more on your relationship over the coming months and years and discussing how to do that on Valentine’s Day will show your loved one just how important you consider your relationship to be. Think about what the next steps might be for you: spending more time together, moving in together, committing to a long-term relationship, getting married, having children? Whatever that next step might be, show him or her that you are ready to talk about it. Think about new ways you can spend time together: new hobbies and pastimes you can take up and new experiences you can share. Couples modelling can be ideal if you want to start something new together. You should be able to fit it in around existing commitments and it’s a fun way of spending quality time together. Find out more by browsing the Models Direct website. In addition, you will both earn some extra money that can be put towards that special trip, your new place together or whatever it is that the pair of you decide you want to do together, as a couple.