Man to man, would you make a good male model?

Male modelling has rocketed as an industry in recent times, with men starting to make a name for themselves in all sorts of work from the catwalk to magazine shoots.

Some, such as David Beckham, are known for previous careers and then move into modelling when it becomes clear they could add another string to their bows. However, the vast majority have forged their ways in the world having started out working for a modelling agency, often engaging in catalogue shoots and promotional assignments.

Many male models go on to have highly successful careers in the business, and a few, such as Channing Tatum or Rylan Clark-Neal, find it sets them on alternative paths into the worlds of dancing, acting, singing, directing or television presenting.

So, what does it take to become a male model, and do you think you might have the right attributes?

Here are a few questions you might have asked yourself:

Q: Am I too old to start male modelling?

A: No, you are never too old! There is a demand for men of all ages to take part in assignments. Yes, the younger you are the longer the career you might have ahead of you but it’s not all about that for everyone. Many of our older and younger male models enjoy modelling on a part time basis, while they enjoy other jobs and pastimes as well. Younger male models may decide they want to try to develop it into a full-time job or to use it as a springboard into other areas, but many of our middle-aged and senior models enjoy the experience of doing something a bit different – as well as the opportunity to earn some extra money.

Q: Does the industry seek people of a particular race?

A: Again, no, not at all. The world is made up of people of all races and backgrounds and as such our clients seek models who reflect that. This is a very multiracial business. Whatever your race or heritage, we would love to hear from you if you think you might be suitable for the work and would like to give it a go.

Q: Do I need to have classic good looks to become a male model?

A: Well, what are classic good looks these days? Beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder and more than ever these days male models include those with interesting and unusual appearances, as well as those with boy-next-door charming and rugged outdoorsy types. The world in general is realising that people want to celebrate their differences and therefore the industry seeks men with a variety of looks for lifestyle and commercial modelling.

Q: Do I need to be tall and muscular to be a male model?

A: Certainly, agencies such as Models Direct do have tall and muscular male models on their books. There is always work for fitness models for health campaigns and to promote sports and other products. However, in addition, we do often also require smaller, even perhaps petite men, and those with slimmer frames. Once again, we have assignments for men of all body sizes (including plus sizes) as the real world is made up of people of all different shapes, heights and weights.

Q: What kinds of jobs might I expect to do as a male model?

A: We offer our male models all sorts of different assignments, from promotional and event work through to commercial and lifestyle modelling. They take part in photo shoots for catalogues and filming for product advertising, and work for someone of the biggest names on the high street and in business. We are very experienced at what we do and know how to choose just the right male model for each job. It is then up to our models to decide whether this is something that fits in with their current lifestyle and that they think they might enjoy.

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