Hidden talents – what else can you do to enhance your modelling career?

We all understand that modelling is essentially about appearing live or in photography or on to film to promote something, whether that is a fashion item, a company or a product.

Essentially, you need to look the part for the particular assignment and have the confidence, skills and ability to step out in public or in front of a camera, but what other skills might you have that could potentially boost your modelling career?

Many of us have hidden talents – and others learn things and pick up skills as we move through life.

If you have any other talents, do let us know about them: update your e-portfolio so Models Direct and their clients have a full understanding of what you are capable of.

Not only does this highlight to us that you might be suitable for specialist work, but it will also emphasise your levels of confidence and experience at performing in public. You never know, you may end up being suitable for many more assignments than if you’d kept your talents hidden….

Can you sing?

From time to time, models are required for jobs that require being able to sing. More importantly, however, we will know you can project your voice if required and are likely to have a certain level of self-assurance.

Can you dance?

Again, being able to dance could see you being put forward for a wider range of assignments. Furthermore, we will know you have a fluidity of movement and certain poise.

Can you act?

Having acting skills shows us you are confident and that you are likely to respond well to direction on a shoot and will look particularly convincing when doing lifestyle work.

Can you play a musical instrument?

Perhaps you play the piano or the saxophone? Again, we like to know who our performers are and if we ever asked for someone to model as a musician, then we know exactly who to put forward for the job.

Do you have circus or gymnastic skills?

Being able to walk on stilts, do acrobatics or turn cartwheels could set you apart from the competition when it comes to a variety of work. These skills are all extremely valuable in modelling – so tell us about them!

Are you sporty?

If you play football, tennis, cricket or net ball, tell us as this might render you perfect for sports modelling, as well as highlighting to us that you are likely to be fit and healthy looking. Perhaps you are a boxer or a black belt in a martial art? Well, let us know about this too!

Do you speak a language?

Like everything else, the world of modelling is becoming much more global in its nature. If we know you speak two or more languages, you may be suitable for work abroad or for a multinational company.

Do you ride a motorbike?

If you are a motorcycle rider, it is really worth letting us know that on your portfolio. Not only will you look more natural when posing by a bike but if you can drive it too then you may well be ideal for a range of commercial work.

Whatever your talents our team would like to hear about them and more importantly so would our clients….best way to do this is to log into your eportfolio and add the details for our bookings team to see.