Update, Update, Update

Roll up and have your updated portfolio pics on the ready.

We couldn’t help ourselves and we know this reading might sound like you’re at a fruit and veg stall (roll up, roll up, roll up!) which isn’t a bad thing since it’s a wholesome place to be. However, it’s that time of year again for our regular reminder to update your portfolio pics – it’s an update, update, update time.
To be honest, this gentle nudge is always for the benefit of our lovely models – we want to support and cheer you on, and help you kick-start a great additional career to your already thriving CV in your niche. It’s so easy to do if you’re a part of the Models Direct family. You’ll be given access to your online portfolio

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to update your modelling portfolio pictures, here’s why:

You keep it fresh and relevant

Documenting your current look is important as when looking to get noticed, clients want to see you as you are, right now. It’s lovely to stumble across cute throwbacks but clients ideally do not want to step back in time and see who you were many moons ago.
As a natural progression of time, our looks change and even though we may not have a dramatic physical alteration, clients don’t want to feel left out. Fill in any missing pieces of your story by snapping up images dedicated to your portfolio every couple of months.

Your evolution

As humans, we encourage personal development and versatility. However, we evolve. Catch this evolution on time so that clients can see how you’ve adapted to changing trends or if you’ve established your own. Your style, your way, and your changes are what make you special. Capture these stages and be proud of who you are.

Your professionalism

If you keep your images up to date, this will demonstrate your commitment to your craft. This will impress clients as they will see how you’ve dedicated your time and that you’re serious about establishing your work and career prospects. This also reveals your ability to manage your time, and for any particularly unique pieces, shows that you enjoy thinking out-of-the-box.

Our three-step easy guide to why updating your portfolio is essential has been written with our talent in mind. We’ve got plenty of where this has come from and hope that this and all the rest of our blogs are useful. Subscribe and keep social with us on our other platforms. Happy reading!