New Term, New School Year, New Opportunities

The kids are back at school now, many of us have returned to the normal rhythm of our jobs and hopefully we are all back into something of a routine.

It has been a turbulent 18 months or so, but the hope is that we might now be returning to some kind of normality.

The modelling industry has fared pretty well through the ups and downs of the pandemic, proving its flexibility and ability to adapt as necessary given the tight restrictions.

As the situation settles even more, however, we are finding there is a good deal of pent-up demand for models to take part in advertising campaigns and promotions.

And when it comes to junior models, there is no exception.

Children of all ages are required for assignments that involve photoshoots or filming for all manner of leading brands, from fashion and food to leisure and lifestyle.

With Christmas fast approaching, the industry is busier than ever and if you want your youngster to be in with a chance of being selected then now is the time to act.

Those who are not already registered with Models Direct should do so as soon as possible, while those who are already with us should update their portfolios.

Make the most of the children going back to school and the fresh start with new uniforms, equipment and routines to get into the habit of doing this regularly.

At the weekend, why not take them out into the park and get snapping with your camera so you have a whole new set of images to upload?

Don’t forget to look at our top tips for providing us with the right kinds of images.

Sit down with a pen and paper to think about whether there have been any changes over recent months: have they achieved anything you need to tell us about? Have they taken up any new hobbies or pastimes?

Why not also make some notes in your diary reminding you to update their portfolios every couple of months? That way, you will stay on top of it throughout the whole school year.

There are so many opportunities for child models, from jobs close to home to those that might involve a night or two away.

There are shoots that might require your child in a lead role and others where they are just on set every now and again.

If your youngster is selected for a junior modelling assignment then we will explain all the requirements to you, so you have a full understanding.

If you then decide to accept the work, we will stay in contact and update you regularly.

The start of the new school term and the new academic year is an exciting time anyway.

Taking on some child modelling work could enhance that further.

But, if you want your little one to be in with a chance, their portfolio has to be up to date, to help them really stand out when we and our clients are looking at it.

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