Models Direct

Models Direct say “Less is more!”

In an office that consists mainly of women there is plenty of discussion about beauty products, make up trends and DO’s and DON’TS when it comes to applying product!

So we thought the Models Direct team would share their thoughts on what’s best for models to do when it comes to their portfolio pictures and how much product to apply!!

When reviewing applications and new pictures at Models Direct, the New Face team are keen to see a natural look, they are often asking models to send in pictures with less make up on! This may surprise you, however clients are generally drawn to the models who are naturally photogenic, smiley and well presented, less is more!!

When being photographed we tend to think we need to enhance our features with make up and this can of course help, however on shoots a professional make up artist will often be there to ensure this is done in a way that compliments the model and shows off her features in a beneficial way, but when applying to an agency it is not necessary.

More often than not too much make up is applied, making features like eyebrows or lips too dominant, which then detracts from someone’s natural beauty. It’s important for clients to be able to see a models true skin tone, bone structure and natural look.

Here are a few examples of some models represented by Models Direct who have mastered a natural look:


Their features can clearly be seen, we can see their skin tone, bone structure and features well and this is essential when promoting models successfully to clients – the client will clearly see the model naturally fits their requirements and if make up needs to be added for a specific look or style then the client will arrange a make up artist to do this on shoot day!

When applying to Models Direct or updating your pictures on your portfolio be brave, keep your make up to a minimum and the make up you do apply make sure it is applied to the best of your ability in natural light! Be confident in your own skin shows in pictures and will make you stand out – Less really is more!