Autumn Trends with Models Direct

Trends are always evolving each season – fashion styles, apparel, beauty trends and colours are just a few examples of what can make it big in the fashion and modelling industry. Models Direct are passionate about bringing the latest to our models and prospective talent so that they can translate this knowledge into their portfolios, bookings and castings. This will get heads turning and make it known that you are on-trend and know your stuff!   

We usually look at fashion and makeup trends but in this blog, we’ll look at which colours are set to rock this season. Both female and male models can find creative inspiration through our colour choices based on what the trendsetters dictate. Let’s paint some colour into our wardrobes!   

Cream: the seriously in-demand fall fashion colour 

Cream is a versatile colour that is easy on the eyes and allows you to escape to a world that is ready for cooler weather. Its warmth goes just about with everything and opting for autumnal textures such as wool, cable knit, fleece and cashmere makes it appear cosy and comfy. Teaming it up with other hues makes it a lovely addition to your fall wardrobe allowing you to add a splash of colours to jazz it up – whether this is from a colourful statement piece or makeup.    

Fire it up with the red trend

Autumn doesn’t mean that the onset of fashion trends has to be dull and drabby – a bit like the weather really. This is where red has burst on the scene to make a flamboyant entrance to the year’s fall colour trend. This hue won’t go under the radar, that’s for sure. To complement this trend, choose mute colours or if you’re looking to break boundaries then select some colours of vibrancy or even a little of oomph to appreciate this hue. You can translate this colour into your makeup with the classic red lipstick. 

Astound with browns

Brown is the latest colour that is perfect for the coming season. Its earthy tone and resemblance to the changing weather make it the colour fashionistas need to incorporate into their wardrobe or makeup – think brown eyeshadow, or smokey eyes to enhance the richness of this gorgeous hue. Pull out brown boots or belts if you already have these at the back of your closet so you can be on trend with this season’s must-have shade ready for your portfolio or assignments you’ve been called for.  

Autumn fashion trends for men

Men can infuse the three trending colours into their wardrobe – accessories such as ties, belts, gloves, hats, scarves, briefcases and even socks are all great ways of splashing into this fall’s colours. Any makeup lover can experiment with the shades and get crafting model ready looks.

The takeaway

Each season brings with it great looks and sometimes a splash of contemporariness. Some trends are a blast from the past with a modern twist, whilst others are original and innovative concepts new to the industry. If you’re looking to become a model or are already one, keep up to date with the changing looks that are set to dominate each season. Showcase your knowledge when you are presenting yourself so that you get heads turning and make a memorable impression where clients remember you.

Our ethos

Models Direct has established a strong presence in our industry over the past 30 years. We’re also committed to cultivating an environment that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. We believe everyone’s unique qualities deserve celebrating, no matter their age, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, citizenship, sexual orientation, disability status or otherwise. 

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