Plus Size Modelling – Curvy, Content and Confident…

Across the world, larger models of all ages and backgrounds are showing off their gorgeous body shapes and representing men and women as they really are.

And in this country, we are no exception.

In fact, we have some incredible plus size models who are stepping forward to promote the fact that people don’t always conform to certain sizes and stereotypes.

At Models Direct, we have amazing plus size models on our books who are larger than life and already making a name for themselves in national campaigns and on television.

And we are finding that for many of our clients the demand is simply growing – the curvier the better when it comes to advertising certain clothing and other product lines.

So, what does it take to become a plus size model?

Well, for men and women most of the requirements are pretty similar to other forms of modelling.

A modelling agency such as ourselves needs you to be confident, friendly, easy to work with and happy to take on a variety of assignments.

However, when it comes to plus size modelling, there are also other considerations.

Body positivity is vital, for example.

We need you to be happy with your body shape, self-assured when it comes to stepping out in front of a camera and really proud to show the world who you truly are.

For women, clients looking for plus size models will expect them to be at least a size 14 but quite possibly a much higher dress size.

Men ought to be at least an L – but quite possibly an XL or an XXL.

Your height can vary, your colouring can be absolutely anything and age is also no barrier.

So why not stay ahead of the curve?

Help the general public to start thinking out of the straight-edged box and celebrating curvy women and larger men for who they really are.

Find out more about becoming a plus size model with Models Direct and helping to make out industry even bigger and better than it is already.